My TX_40EX600B has suddenly decided it can't connect to the internet


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Today, out of the blue, the TV has announced it can't connect to the internet. It is connected to the router as can be seen from the attached screenshot. All our other devices are still connected and working normally. Nothing has been changed (up to the point I rebooted the router, see below). The TV was working yesterday and today it is not. My first thought was that an over-air download has broken something but the power to the TV is always switched off at the wall overnight so that seems unlikely. If anyone has any insights I should be most grateful as I'm currently reduced to watching catch-up TV on my laptop.
I do not understand what is meant by "IP addess was not acquired". The router uses DHCP and I have tried cycling the power to it so it may now have been assigned a new IP address.


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Interestingly, before turning in for the night I decided to give it one more try and it was working. The only thing that had changed was that one of our two Windows 7 desktop PCs had been shut down. Could that have somehow been blocking the TV from getting the IP address?

Anyway, all seems ok now.


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I had this occasionally with my Panasonic EZ952. For some reason the router was assigning the same IP address to two different bits of equipment and this would stop the Panasonic connecting.

I ended up manually assigning IP addresses to everything (keeping a list of what bit of kit has which address) and it's been fine ever since.

Was a bit of a faff to sort out as I had to turn on everything that has wifi to see what all the addresses were. Anyway, it's a solution worth considering.


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Thanks for the reply Jase. Yes, an IP clash looks the most likely cause. I don't want to have to go down your route but at least if it happens again I'll know how to resolve it.

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