My TX-P55ST60 is dead


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After a very close lightning strike a couple of weeks ago, my trusty TX-P55ST60 is dead, it also took out my demon amp as well but that is another story.

So looking for some advice on what it’s replacement should be. The insurance company keep trying to push sub £500 Led TVs on me with the usual sales talk of 4K, most of my content is 1080p, and smart features, sorry but my Nvidia shield works just fine, so I keep going back and asking about picture quality as that, at the end of the day is a TVs primary function, to which they normally revert to, the system says this led tv is the equivalent so that is all we can offer.

As it has been 7yrs since I bought a TV and I took some time deciding which one to get, am I being unreasonable thinking that a sub £500 led tv won’t be a suitable alternative to my plasma.

Most of the articles I have read seem to suggest that oled is likely to be the closest but are there any Led TVs that would be suitable, just so I can give the insurance company some options



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If you can find this tv its prob one of the best around this price.



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If you can find this tv its prob one of the best around this price.

One on ebay for £300. What is good about this TV for the price?

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