my tv turned off and flashed its power led!!


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I have a sony kv32fq80 which i have had for over a year now. watching tv last night and the tv switched off, but the power led remained on but was flashing - about 8 times. i was able to switch the tv back on without any problems and the flashing stopped !

any hints/suggestions/comments would be gratefully received.


Paul Atreides

That was an error code.

If it happens again I would get someone to look at it, also tell the person how many times it flashed.


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That's what I thought. So I looked in the service menu section, and there were no logged errors !!

tis bizzare...:confused:



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FYI, the error codes...

2 Over Current Protection
3 Over Voltage Protection
4 Vertical Deflection
5 AKB Circuit
6 Horizontal Deflection
7 Speaker
8 General IIC Line 0 error
9 MegaText
10 NVM
11 Main Colour Decoder
12 Feature Box
13 D/A Convertor
14 Backend
15 Multisound Processor
16 Autowide
17 External RAM


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can anyone tell me wht the AKB Circuit is?

My Sony TV is driving me mental. Its a Sony KV36FS76U. Its going apsolutly bokers and keeps turning off. Yesterday it did it approximately 30 times (and thats not an exxegeration)...

The guys came over to look at it but said they will need to take the set away to investigate. Problem is thats in another weeks time and the TV just keeps doing it. Sometimes i can get away with watching an hour without it doing it... and other times it does it nearly every five minutes!

I have searched many posts and the website and know the five flashes mean AKB circuit - but i cannot find out what this actually means.

any help is greatly appreciated. The set is less than a year old and i paid soo much for it - feel realli let down with Sony quality.



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I had THREE KV36FS76U's-all failed between 1 month and three months. Appalling QC if you ask me.I would contact Sony direct and gibe then some hassle,that's what i did and got upgraded to an HQ100 for nowt.............only they don't make that either now :rolleyes:


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Hi, in laymans terms the 'AKB' circuitry is concerned with keeping the black level of the picture at a constant value - it is not in any sense something that someone other than a service engineer could deal with - so don't even think about it.

If the telly is less than a year old I would expect a prompt repair - to have to wait a week is not acceptable. Contact Sony and explain the situation to them. Ask THEM to arrange a dealer who will look at your set straightaway or insist on a loan set for the duration. Regards, yt.


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Hi red16V,

many thanks for your reply. I have arranged for a replacement set to be provided whilse my ine is looked at. The compay said that initial testing could take up to 14 days and then more should any parts be needed... Im just so confused as to why this could happen to a TV so young when my last sony set lasted me nearly 15 years before it packed up (It only really had issues in its last few years) Obviously TV's have moved on and have more gadgetry in them these days, but i still think that a TV which nearly costs 2000 grand can develop issues this early on is really worrying :(

thanks once again


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red16v said:
Hi, these things happen - do not be concerned. Regards, yt.
would you be concerned after THREE FS76U's (A £2K TV when it came out :rolleyes: ) failed after a couple of months use??!! I know i was,Sony have gone down hill big time. If (when) my HQ100 dies i won't be getting a Sony,which is a shame as to my eyes they still make the best CRT. Then again,big screen CRT is dead as no one is making them now :mad:


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Hi, I would never buy a Sony telly nor would I ever spend £2000 on any telly of any technolology. Regards, yt.


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RRP was £2k-i paid £1250 (still a hell of a lot of £££!!). I won't buy Sony again,they used to be great(my mums is still going strong after 14 years!!) but seem to have gone down in QC lately.

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