my TV signal is weak, will booster work?



i got a communal TV aerial coming out on the wall. the TV signal is terrible and i want to get freeview. i have checked my postcode and i can get freeview (near warren street, just after tottenham court road).

so my question is, will an indoor aerial do the job? or will a main powered booster do it? saw lots of booster in maplin and argos. i am on the 2nd floor and there are buildings around me.


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Ask your neighbours how they get TV reception and if they use boosters. Nobody here, on the info given, can tell you if a booster will work or not. The ONLY solution is to try one. I realise this may result in you not being able to return it if it doesn't work and its then dead money. See if anyone will loan you one to try.


Argos sell them so if it doesn't work, take it back.

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