My Toshiba 20WL56 HELL!!!!!!!!


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I am sick to death of this f'in telly and would not recommend it to anyone. Here is a run down of the problems i have had with this set. Let me start by telling you my set up i have the TV which has a small set top aerial with booster and also an xbox 360 connected via component.

I got this TV in February and the first thing was it wouldn't work in high def 720p i was willing to accept this as they told me the set didn't support 720p (which is false) Then a few weeks later the picture would go green in parts which happened every now and again as it started to get more frequent i phoned toshiba and had it repaired. A month later i got the Telly back and all was fine for a few months till i got the next problem, i would get no picture on the screen but could hear the audio fine. Another phone call to toshiba and about a week later i get the telly back with the same problem. So i rang them again and they agreed to replace the set with a new one.

I have had the replacement now for about 8 weeks and guess what...yet another problem. The picture is now going red in places just like it was doing before only then it was green. It is gradually getting worse so it looks like i shall have to speak to Toshiba again.

If anyone has any ideas what is going on or if you have a spare high def TV you wanna give me cause you feel sorry for me please let me know!!! :thumbsup:

Cheers for listening

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