My Tosh RDXS32 is going in for repair

Artie Fufkin

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The bloomin' thing has now decided that it's not going to record onto any disc.

A couple of months ago it stopped working with the Verbatims which I had been using since I bought it, so I tried some TDKs and it worked fine with them. However it's now not accepting these either. I've also tried a DVD-RW and the RAM it came with, but no luck.

I phoned PRC who I bought it from and they referred me the Tosh helpline, saying that they [Tosh] would lend me a machine whilst mine was in for repair, but apparently they don't do this with recorders, only players. Bummer.

Anyway, Tosh are sending a courier tomorrow and they reckon I'll get the RDSX back within 10 days. I hope this is the case, cos I've got a PW7 plasma, and it's only input is component, which is how the Tosh is connected [with my Freeview box passing through]. So, at the moment, the only way to watch telly in our house is to have my daughter's 14" portable sitting on a chair in front of the plasma. :(

So what will Tosh do with my RDSX? Is it just a software upgrade, or something more serious?


Just had my RDXS32 returned from Toshiba with I assume a new DVD drive. I'd already updated the software version before I returned it. It now reads and burns pretty much everything I throw at it.( not tried x8 speed discs yet). Had to wait three weeks for it to come back so had to dig out old vcr!


You had to wait for Toshiba but it does seem they are very helpful in the customer care department.

Artie Fufkin

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ABP said:
You had to wait for Toshiba but it does seem they are very helpful in the customer care department.
Certainly, at this early stage, I am impressed. They took 3 minutes to answer the phone, but once connected, the help-person was excellent. A courier arrived the very next morning with a pre-labelled box for me to put the recorder in and then he took it away to magic Toshibaland.

Will it come back with the HDD contents intact, or is it likely that it might have been formatted?


Mine came back in a week with the contents of the drive intact. It now seems to cope with DVD-Rs much much better. I am using Verbatim pastel and Verbatim advanced AZO.

Artie Fufkin

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WhooHoo! It came back today and, so far, is recording to both the Verbatims and the TDKs. The Software has been changed to ZL12 and the drive is different too I think - 1416. The HDD contents are intact too.

So, well done Tosh...only 6 days from pick-up to delivery back to me. Excellent service.

Artie Fufkin

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It's broken again :mad: .

As happened before, it's not burning onto discs. This time it goes through the motions of burning but the resultant dvd shows "no content".

Unbelievably, I was suckered into buying an extended warranty for it, which now looks like it might be worthwhile after all :) .

[It took a few calls though...the warranty paperwork told me to phone PRC in the first instance. So I did and they gave me a different number for customer services. Customer services then gave me a number for Domestic and General who gave me another different claims number to phone. The claims people then gave me the number for the repair company...5 different phone calls in total. Anyway they have organised for a courier to uplift the Tosh tomorrow and I should get it back in 10-15 days]


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Artie Fufkin

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Thanks for the links foneman, but I have just received a letter stating the machine is beyond economical repair :( .

So now I have been told by Domestic and General that I have £200 to buy a replacement from PRC Direct. I'm off to see what's on their website :) .


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For £200, not a lot....

Buy yourself a cheap DVD -RW/RAM drive from anywhere... eg ebay. LG are a good make to go for. It takes about 15 mins to replace the drive. All you need is a screwdriver.

After replacing the drive, I can now archive stuff off, although for some reason, I can't play DVD's.. I think it's the drive I chose. See my post on the other thread. iirc, it was a GSA-H12 or something like that. If you pick one that folks say are ok for everything, then you can get them off ebay for 10-20 quid usually.

Good luck.

Artie Fufkin

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Unfortunately I don't even have the Toshiba. A courier took it away to the workshop, they found it uneconomical to repair and have kept it.

The more I think about this offer of £200, the less I like it.

The reason I bought the XS32 in the first place was for the following features:

Component out
Front A/V in
2 Scart
Coax audio out

For £200, I would be pushed to find a brand name DVD recorder with those features, and certainly not from PRC who have a very limited range now. [If anyone knows of a suitable machine, please let me know :) ]

I think I'll phone Domestic and General on Monday and contest the amount, or ask if I can purchase from elsewhere.

Artie Fufkin

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Well, I did phone and contest the amount, saying that a brand name machine with those specs cannot be bought for £200 and definitely not from PRC.

They replied saying that PRC did indeed have such a machine - a Toshiba [damn, cannot remember the model number now]. Anyway, I checked on the specs and it doesn't have DV in. An genuine oversight from Domestic and General or a fob off?

Back onto the phone then, saying I needed DV in and your offer deosn't have that. They called me back later saying they have now upped the offer to £267 which is the price of a Panny DMREX75 from PRC - I think that will do nicely :D .

So, when PRC contact me for delivery I guess they might try and sell me a new extended warranty...I'll need to think about that.

Artie Fufkin

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So, PRC phoned me today and asked what machine I was wanting for my £267. I told them the Panasonic 75, where he replied "That's £289, you'll need to pay the difference". :eek:

Sure enough, PRC have upped the price by £22 since I last checked :nono: .

Anyway, despite much protestation from me, they wouldn't budge. "Whatever price you agreed with Domestic and General isn't our concern". I can see his point, but it just comes across as not fair.

So I pay the extra and he asks if I would like an extended warranty [no thanks] and would I like to pay for express delivery [no thanks].

Half an hour later he calls back and says item has been dispached and I might receive it Friday. :thumbsup:

I'm looking forward to this...having a freeview tuner will be a big bonus over my old Tosh and along with hdmi and 160gb hdd, it sure is a good replacement.


@ £22 I'd call that a bargain.


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Quite...and it arrived today :D.

How do you find your new Panasonic in comparison to the Toshiba? I've had an XS32 since launch - been back once just inside warranty when the HDD failed. Since then, it's worked fine. I was put off getting a new model as I was used to the Toshiba's excellent menu creation, saving your own background, and editing capabilities, and also its handling of Widescreen Switching when mastering DVD's.

How do you find your Panasonic compares in the above areas?

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