My take on Matrix Revolutions.


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I have just watched this for the first time.
It was on my PC DVD-ROM and not via my player.
and this is just my take on it.

Its a good film..

Totally lost me in some parts, but a good film.
I dare say that when i get the chance it will impress me with sound (and the nieghbours.....:laugh: :laugh: ) when i get to play it through the amp.

But to me, it was totally different from the first.....
maybe it comes together with the second film, but i have only watched that during the day, with the kids running about, so could not get in to it as i did the first.
Is it me.....????........or are reloaded and revolutions totally different from the first one......??????

Do i need to see the 3 together.......???

I must say that it took me quiet a while to understand the first one (about 5 viewings) and still everytime i watch it (about every 5-6 months) it impresses me and i learn a bit more each time.
But i feel like i never want to watch the other 2 again for a very long time, as they seem to distract me ( and my thoughts) from the first one.

Am i just getting OLD.....?????........or does anyone else feel the same.


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For me

First was a good film....................2nd two watchable cash cows, but not a patch on the first.


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I think the first was a very original sf flick with good effects, story and did a very good job of drawing you into the matrix universe. The second was more style over substance and was a bit up it's own :censored: offering nothing new and letting down the stage the first set up so well. The third was better than the second imo and attempted to concluded the series being a bit darker than the other two but had too many plot holes leaving you a bit underwhelmed:thumbsdow
I did enjoy the series but can't help thinking that if they concentrated more on dialog and flushing out the characteurs more instead of throwing cgi at you every frame it could've been so much better:(


I enjoyed the first one and the second one-but I was lost in the third one:( Some of the effect were very good tho.

I wish I had rented it and not bought it:rolleyes:

Phil Jones

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I thought the third one was by far the worst. The first one works perfectly fine as a stand-alone film, and I think they should've left it that way.


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Totally agree - The Matrix, I think, was always a single film and the last two are just moneyspinners. I must say that the second one was the worst. As most second films do, it doesn't really go anywhere and some of the fight scenes are plain boring. Like the one on the stairway in the house, for example. Having said that, my fave part in the trilogy is in the second film - the Ducati motorbike chase.

I actually thought the third film to be an enjoyable one, though nothing special.



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If you watch the Animatrix it will fill in any plot gaps/who's that issues.


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Originally posted by iamtheone
If you watch the Animatrix it will fill in any plot gaps/who's that issues.
But why should we have to? :confused: If the writers can't close up all the plot holes after 2 big-budget sequels.....:rolleyes:

G a f f e r

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should've left it at the first matrix film and the animatrix.


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To be fair, if they hadn't done the 2 sequels they wouldn't had commissioned the Animatrix.

They should have done the same with the sequels that they did with the Animatrix, do storyboards and hand it out to people who know film-makings arse from its elbow.


it was worth putting up with those 2 god awful films just to be able to watch the animatrix , although I still don't really get how people are lost by the second and third films


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TBH I think "The Brothers" were the people who seem to have been most lost with the sequels mate.


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1 and Animatrix are fantastic!

Seeing the Matrix on original cinema release was fantastic because the viral advertising and the "what is the matrix?" tag line really increased anticipation, and I (we?) had no idea what to expect. And it was brilliant. You can't recapture that experience now.

The bullet-time effect was terrific and groundbreaking.

I have enjoyed going to some of the locations in Sydney.

2 - great Ducati bike chase in 2, and of course, Monica Belluci ;)

At times (like during Morpheus' speech) I expected R2 D2 and some Ewoks to appear!

The rest was so-so and really just padding between 1 & 3

3 - well, it tied it up, fairly predictably. The main battle scene is raved about by many for the CGI etc, but it didn't really do it for me.

The Animatrix, superb, and a brilliant idea: great variety, range of animation styles, great sound track, good plot hole-fillers and links, quite trippy at times.

Matrix fans will probably enjoy this animation:


(turn sound on)

(okay its a bit of propoganda, with which I agree, but it's still fun)

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