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Aug 16, 2001
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I have (had) a 7.1 set-up via my beloved Denon AVR-3802.

Following a party my main front pair gave up the ghost. They were Wharfedale 505.2's. A bit dated but large quality cabinets.

As a temporary measure I've borrowed the rears to replace the above and reverted to 5.1. These are reasonably expensive but very small SOLID TEAM speakers with metal/plastic cabinets.

Wow....... can't believe the difference. The sound has improved 10 fold :eek: . Its a bigger improvement than when I stepped up from DPL to DD 5.1. Everything has just come alive. Vastly improved imagery, depth and movement.

All I can think might explain this is that they are a better match for the centre speaker. This is a Jamo and is of very similar construction to the SOLIDs. Just goes to conirm for me all the articles that stress the importance of matching up the front 3.

I'm off down Richer Sounds this week to buy myself a quality front pair and matching centre. My set-up is about to be re-born.
Sounds like your having fun. Good luck.

Regards, Tom.

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