My Sony DSC-F717 Died


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Turned it on last night in preparation for a night out last night... no preview on either of the viewfinders.


So now i'm down to one digital camera - as much as it is a good one (350D) I want to get a compact aswell for events like last night, having two cameras as good as the 350D and the 717 is great but not the most practical solution.

Going to try and take it back to john lewis and get a refund (bought it ex display in January).

I'm so heart broken - I loved that camera! :(


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Uh-oh... I didn't see this thread first time around.

I think the Sony-F717 is a fantastic camera. OK... it has some purple fringing.. but it's macro abilities are just amazing. If I have any photography regrets it was getting rid of my Sony... and letting my girlfriends sister smash up my 10D. :mad:

Glad you got it sorted.

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