My Sky+ is Haunted...


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Well not really but can some tecchie explain how it does this...

Iam watching a television programme e.g. the bill and at the break need to go out so I press the record button. When I get back in a go to my planner and select the bill. But... here is the weird bit. It records from a part of the bill a few minutes BEFORE I pressed record! Therefore I had to fast forward to the section that I missed when I went out!

How the hell can the sky+ record a programme that I manually selected recording a few minutes of the programme BEFORE I pressed record!

Ower my head hurts:clown:


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I dont know but this was a few minutes


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It was part of the update when we got two chan record . Instant rewind arciving . So if you have got say 5 mins instant rewind setup in the sky+ setup menu, when you press record it will not only record from then but allso save what has allready been saved by the instant rewind. I personaly think this is very handy .


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I have a V1 version box and it happened to mine as well,I was watching Arsenals champions league match and after the match they showed Real Madrids highlights which i recorded.When i pressed play after 15 mins, the recording started showing Arsenals match at 60 mins played.I am sure i pressed to record after the match.


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AFAIK, if you press record while watching a program, SKY+ will now record the program from the point at which you changed to that channel or from the length of time that you've got instant rewind set.

So, for example, if you have been watching BBC1 for 15 minutes and have the instant rewind buffer set to longer than than and then press record, you will get the 15 minutes prior to pressing record as part of your recording.



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You do know that the pause button is best (rather than the record button) if you are just nipping to the loo or to make a cup of tea?

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