My Sky Horror Story


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I have Sky ireland and have the Sports and Sports Extra packages. These to packages are effectively contracted separately and have different contract lengths. Now try as I might Sky will not align them so that they all fall due on the same date. I suspect that they are using this to extend the contract of the base subscription whenever I have to renew my "deals". Anyway the base TV package was Entertainment with a 2 Tb Sky Qbox and Sky Q multiroom which gives UHD.
So on 11 June I extend my Sports Extra and get a deal for a year and but Sports was only given a deal for six monthsta I stated that I had UHD and especially on the basis of the football. Then I was "told" about the Signature package .
"For only a Euro more than the package you are on you can have box sets as you are in contract" OK in for a penny or actually cent.

So I get an email confirming the change in the Sports packages and then a second email with the change to my TV package with a second line adding multi room

and a paragraph below this stated entertainment has been removed and ALSO SkyQ multi room

I thought nothing of this but the next day I had a nagging feeling. So I rang Sky to confirm that I had UHD.

I was assured that I did have UHD and this was followed up by the agent with "you have got a good deal as we have given you a euro off of multiroom."

Anyway I did not check via the box but last weekend I had some time to relax and watch a match.

You can guess. Switch to UHD and the message "you have no UHD subscription...."

So this is now 17:40 and guess what phone lines close at 17:30

So I ring in on Monday

I explain what has happened and that I made two phone calls. The first response was "you are outside of your cooling off period". I said actually No, I called again to confirm the next day and was assured that I had UHD as part of my subscription and now I find that I do not. It is not my issue that I am ringing now as I was told that I did have UHD. my only "mistake2 if at all was not physically confirming that I was still getting UHD. So I said "can you add UHD back in" reply was no but we will have to listen to the calls and get back to you and if a mistake was made all will be reverted.

This could take a week but I will call you on Wednesday to keep you informed.

Of course no call back. I also put in a complaint via email outlining what had happened and got the response " You do not have UHD If you wish to view in UHD then this will be 4 euro

So now a complaint about the response to my complaint goes in

We now get to today

Of course no-one has contacted me so I call After about 30 minutes I have got nowhere but I get told that someone will listen to the phone calls and get back to me

Just as I am putting down the phone i get a call from Sky on my mobile. They have listened to my call and" I have agreed the terms and conditions"

I said Yes, I agreed the terms and conditions to Sports packages etc but not to having UHD removed at all I was quite explicit in that. Then I said what about my second call were I was told that I did have UHD even though in the first call I stated I want no change to UHD. Apparently they had not listed to that call . I said why on earth would I call the following day simply to have a chat. So once again Sky will get back to me.

I now request copies of the two phone calls for my records by email

About 16:30 get a call back. Opening line was "Sorry you have been misled and UHD was removed and you were told that you had it. However we cannot revert your packages". We will give you a credit for a year of 4 euro per month to cover the UHD charge. I said NO I was told that if Sky made a mistake all would revert and now you are even reneging on this statement . The fact that you only quoted the end of the first phone conversation to was browbeat me into agreeing that I accepted terms and conditions that were for something that actually I did not agree to which was clear in the call to try an say that it was my fault anyway The second call made it quite clear that it was an issue with Sky.

Also after a year I would now paying another 48euro to Sky, basically to have the same package before the mistake was made so who is the winner here. I do not accept this at all and as you now have clearly stated that I was misled I wish to cancel my complete subscription with no penalties immediately as Sky have not abided by the terms and conditions of the contract. The agents response was that he could not do this but would pass me on to the loyalty team.

So put on hold for a couple of minutes

The person on the loyalty team said that they could not cancel my subscription but would have to contact a manager. I said that Sky have broken the terms of the contract and I wish to cancel please put me through to the Manager and lets cut out the middle man where you get stuck with the irate customer. Once again a refusal now mumbling on about Covid 19 and working from home etc... It then was stated that THEY would have to talk to a manager and even then it still may not be able to cancel.. Guess when this Manager becomes available. Monday I said that I will simply cancel the DD. The response was "That is up to you" and the tone was such that it was clear that such an action on my part would be dealt with by another Department that would enforce the contract to get payments due to me breaking the contract

This is all recorded by Sky and they still try "strongarm" customers

So I have now got to wait another weekend and now am told that I may not be able to cancel. Talk about taking customers for mugs
VIP customer for 15 years worthless hype
Unbelievable just to watch a bit of football "in the park" with canned crowd noise simply not worth the time, effort and reduction in life expectancy
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Very interesting:)


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Monday I said that I will simply cancel the DD. The response was "That is up to you" and the tone was such that it was clear that such an action on my part would be dealt with by another Department that would enforce the contract to get payments due to me breaking the contract
Yep. The legal dept.
Let us know how you get on.


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That is the problem of many of those big organisations. Nobody knows what they are doing and nobody cares. The answer to most questions which require action on their side other then selling you something is that they will put you though to different department so it is no longer their problem.


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I have carried out a bit of research as to my situation and will be contacting consumer advice on Monday. It looks like I should be covered under The Consumer Protection Act 2007 of Ireland.

Under the Consumer Act 2007 Sky could be deemed to have "used an unfair commercial practice". This is defined as

1) It is misleading (giving false information or leaving out important information) or aggressive

2) It is likely to distort your buying decision.

This is in addition to the 14 day cooling off period.

Sky informed me straight away that i was outside the cooling off period So I can only assume that that was an attempt to skew argument in their favour at the outset.

So in my initial discussions about my Sport packages I categorically stated I had and wanted to keep UHD especially for the football. Sky then said that I could have box sets effectively for a euro in my TV package. They then changed the package and removed without my consent my Sky Q multiroom package substituting this with multiroom.
When I queried this I was told that I had UHD.

Then when I found out that I did not Sky said if they had made an error they would revert the packages
They are now stating that they cannot and will not do this
They have admitted that I was "misled" but are still trying to hold me to the terms of a contract using "aggressive" tactics to force me into backing down.

So that on the first pass looks like it fulfills the 2 qualifying tests of the act

The refusal to cancel is beyond belief , I requested this about five times and that is serious as far as I am concerned.
I have requested copies of the calls between Sky and myself. I believe GDPR works in my favour here

Apparently I can go to the Small Claims court If Sky attempt to impose charges. or to seek redress for not being allowed to leave the "contract" which is potentially invalid. This is to be tested

I shall also see what Sky themselves come back with
So It looks like I still have rights

to be continued....


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Email them with an exact list of your requirements. They will probably agree but if they don't email again to Jeremy Darroch the C E O.


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Jeremy Darroch email worked for me earlier this year. Now I need to do it again for my 88 year old father in-law.


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Well the saga continues

So get a Call back
The agent spoke to a manager and as far SKY are concerned I am in contract they of made me an offer and that is basically the end of that.
The only thing they can do is give me a credit against the DD every month in lieu of actual cancellation.

As for Consumer Act no comment I am in contract regardless!! (Will check with Consumer Advice)
Managers do not speak to customers as they cannot share "headsets"!!

Call finished with "Is there anything else I can help you with"

My reply was "but you have not done anything! End call

Ring Sky
This time the agent looks at my account and says that that I am being "charged incorrectly " as I could be put back to Sky Q Multi room! At this I let out a sigh and was told that "I was not to take out my frustration on her."

My reply was that that was not a sigh of frustration but relief as after speaking to at least 12 agents at last I was speaking to so one who was able to do something. Note, during all of these conversations I have never ever cursed or been actually rude in anyway at all. I have just simply repeated again and again ad infinitum what has happened and what I require to be done to restore the position to my satisfaction. Anyway in the end she put this request through but then said "that actually due to the change in packages by Sky this may not work and I would have to pay another €4 per month". I am paraphrasing here, (Return to Go!!). Anyway thank the agent for at least attempting something and ask to be put onto cancellations

State That I am about to cancel the DD And that I will take a Small claims court action ...Agent refuses to get drawn into discussion but neither confirms or denies that SKY WILL pursue me for payments for the length of the Contract saying "you seem to know what the story is".

Anyway Sky restate the offer of add UHD for €4 pm and get a credit for €4 pm. After speaking quickly to my partner who states "It is not worth the stress of fighting this just accept and let the contract run out". Wiser heads rule here, So immediately make note in calendar for 31 days before end of contract

Therefore agree to the charge and Credit back

Ask to be put through to manager No you cannot be put through to a Manager. Ask to be put through to Complaints Department. "We do NOT have a Complaints Department but I can raise a "Query" Point out that the last answer to my Complaint/Query was "give us €4 for UHD"

Get an email stating UHD has been added at a cost of €4

Check Sky account and future bills have increased by €4.


Call SKY again
Agent checks notes and actions... and credit HAS NOT BEEN APPLIED
Apparently It has NOT been put through

So they now go and initiate this and it should show on the account in 24 hours!

Note to self check account every 3-4 hours on keep on top of this

You cannot make this up
Starting to count down the days
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I should have added to post 7 a note never to do business by telephone. It's essential to have a written record of everything.


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I should have added to post 7 a note never to do business by telephone. It's essential to have a written record of everything.

That's why I make copious notes when I am dealing with all these telephone "only" contracts.

In Sky's case there is No option to check exactly what you have agreed to before any changes as they do the changes "on the fly"
So in my case it would have made no difference if I had checked via the actual TV as to if I had UHD or not within minutes/seconds of the update. The change was made and as far as Sky are concerned it cannot be reverted.

As you can see even though I have notes and all the discussions are recorded this is counts for nothing as well.
Sky have been "selective" in what is quoted back and in any case they still will not revert despite stating that they would, Sky accept NO responsibility whatsoever despite stating "I was misled" Sky do not care that they have me giving false information which has been recorded nor been aggressive in maintaining their stance about what constitutes a contract.

Essentially the whole tone and treatment from Sky is one of "I am the one causing the problem. Just give us whatever we say you should pay and shut up and be grateful"

I very much doubt that they will send me copies of the recorded conversations

An update has been sent to Mr Darroch


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I would put in a Subject Access Request to Sky for your personal information; it should specifically include a request request for the recorded conversations as well as all the other data. They have one month to reply (although this has been extended under the current pandemic) and can in theory charge a nominal fee, but I don't know of many organisations that do as its more work for them. I would ask verbally while on a call but follow it up with a written request. Guidance at Your right of access . Organisations hate getting these requests as they are time consuming (I managed a team that did these for a while) but they have to respond. Could be useful if you did decide on the small claims route.


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Have done this and will follow up again and if they do not acknowledge the request will follow up

I contacted the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission of Ireland and they told me that I was entitled to either the recordings or transcripts and if Sky do not comply I have to report them to the Data Commission Of Ireland from them to take action.

As you say, it will now take a fair bit of time I had about15-16 calls varying from 12 and a half minutes to 45 minutes. That should keep them busy.

Nowhere on Sky's website which references complaints does it state that a customer can request their private information under GDPR. In fact there is no mention of GDPR at all, only privacy in relation to marketing

The agent who stated that"I was misled " may be in a spot of bother Sky will not happy about that!


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Not to steal your thunder, but i would like to add my own story to this.

Ordered the following, which was installed yesterday:

Sky sports

Guess what? No movies.

Another phone call to them, and they say that its not in my package.

Advised them to listen to the call. I'm now awaiting a recall from them today after telling them in no uncertain terms that I will not be paying any more and to honour the agreement or they can come and uninstall it.

We shall see


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Well the "Darroch method" worked The main result is that I am "released" from the contract and can cancel at anytime. Obviously there were some inducements offered which reduced my outgoings for about nine months but as far as I am concerned it the release from the contract that I am happy about. Now I can take a close look at this when I calm down and weigh up my options.
In reality these are either carry on and re-contract to get a "deal" with the underlying feeling that this could/will happen again or be done with it.
Due to the evolving landscape in Ireland due to installation of Rural broadband (via fibre) at some stage, there may be some TV over IP options opening up in the next couple of years or so. So competition should come into the market which should get all providers to "up their game".
One lives in hope or do we have to survive on the "devil you know"!

But the mere fact that there exists this " contact Darroch system" and that nipbiplip has just posted indicates that this is a constant underlying issue. I am sure that this is the same for ALL providers and not just isolated to Sky, This is still not in anyway an acceptance of their "customer Service" policies, which could be summarized as "once you agree even if we are wrong or make a mistake and even if we admit our mistake suck it up"


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Due to the evolving landscape in Ireland due to installation of Rural broadband (via fibre) at some stage, there may be some TV over IP options opening up in the next couple of years or so. So competition should come into the market which should get all providers to "up their game"

I suspect services like this may now be delayed due to the Huawei debacle and the fact that so much of their kit is deployed in BT's Exchanges.


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In fact my router is is a badged Huawei and probably most of the kit in the eir exchange is as well. So If Sky were unable to provide copies of my phone calls it's good to know that i can contact the Chinese embassy and they can help.


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Just to underline my issue, it has finally been resolved.

This was down to them listening to the call and it being as I stated.

Result being, I have the package I agreed to with a small compo for my time.

I do think this issue is more common than we think though


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Call finished with "Is there anything else I can help you with"

My reply was "but you have not done anything! End call

I had to chuckle at this as I had a similar conversation with them last year. Agent says "Can I help you with anything else," I say, "Well actually you haven't done anything yet."

As to your situation, annoying as it is I wouldn't worry about it. every time your contract runs out you have to call them up and argue about the new price. So it all kind of resets to zero when it runs out, call them up and either you'll like new the price or not.


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In there lies the rub. They give you a deal to calm you down, You stay and then in 8-12 months time you start again from zero by re-contracting. At the back of your mind there is always the thought that it will happen again but they learnt their lesson that time. So all goes well for the next few rounds of re-contracting then bang off you go again. You get annoyed at Sky but you know that really you are annoyed at yourself because leopards never change their spots. And then you read all the other customers with issues. Then Sky and similar suppliers always produce figures that this only happens in 0.001% of their enormous customer base so it is very rare! I know that forums are a magnifying glass as it ends to attract complaints but as most complaints are based on I know what I said and it was recorded and yet despite this it is the customers who are trying to prove their end of the conversation.

I still have not received copies of my phone conversations!


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Confirming my comment that emailing is the best method.


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Will they do this kind of thing by email? I hate having to do it by phone. Virgin Media are the same.

The only company I have found who offer sensible deals to you at the end of your contract without having to call up is BT. They offer them in your account and you can just click on them. Theoretically Sky and Virgin do this, but often the offers are weirdly inappropriate such as massively different packages to the one that you are on.


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You're right not to like using the phone!
They'll do anything by email if you can get through.


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I'm not sure of the current setup but the CEO Email website worked for me with Sky a few years ago, it's just a matter of getting the right person to listen.
I had problems. I emailed sky CEO. Fixed within days. . Its not the correct route, Mr Durroch has every right to ignore be polite, civil and brief. But at the top they are very professional.
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