My Sky box has died


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Oct 24, 2002
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I've been holding off for sky+ for a while now hoping that they'd be given free to existing customers as there are many rumours around. But today my normal sky box died on me. It's been playing up for a few weeks, freezing, locking up and so on. A re-boot always seemed to work untill the last couple of days when it took a few attempts to get it going. Now it just will not boot up at all. The power led is on but that's it. It's six years old so I can't complain too much as it has been very reliable untill now.
Can someone clarify the offers that sky have at the moment regarding sky+?
I looked at their website and they do seem to have an offer for existing customers of £49 but you have to take up multiroom which I do not want as it will be of no use to me as my box is dead!
Now this is where I'm a little confused. The only other option that will be open to me as far as I can tell off their site is to pay £199 for the box. I've seen a price of £89 being bandied around but couldn't find that anywhere.
I know that £49 plus multiroom for twelve months will come to £169 so is this my best option at the moment? Also, if I was to take up the offer would I get a new box rather than a refurbished one?
Thanks for taking the time to read this rather long winded post. I probably could have made it shorter by just asking what's the best offer for an existing customer upgrade to sky+ that doesn't include multiroom but that's a bit common isn't it ;)
Ignore. Just ordered a PVR3 for £65 after reading the thread :smashin:

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