My Sky+ box does not copy progs to VCR



Sorry to ask what it probably a very stupid question on this forum, but I have lost my voice and cannot speak to the SKY call centre.

Since we got it three months ago, I'm delighted with the SKY+ box - but it's never managed to copy a programme to my VCR. When I did manage to speak to SKY, they said that my VCR must be on the AV channel, but I've tried to set that up about 9 times, and still failed.

Whenever I want to copy a programme to video tape, I get whatever is being shown on BBC1 at the time ... What am I doing wrong, please?

Can anyone point me to a website where someone has already spelled out the answer to my problem, in words of one syllable?

I would be so appreciative ... Thanks in advance.


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How is the VCR connected to the digibox?

If it is by RF (shudder) then the VCR tuner needs a channel allocated the the RF output frequency of the digibox, you then select that channel and record as normal.
If you are using scart then the cable should be connected from the VCR output scart of the digibox to the AV scart input of the video recorder. You then select the AV input of the VCR which is given a different name by various manufacturers ( AV1, AV2, SA1 are a few examples).

It sounds that you are constantly recording the BBC1 analogue channel which is being fed from an aerial connection.


Are you setting the VCR to record the correct AV channel? I would expect you have AV1 of the VCR connected to your TV and AV2 to the Sky box. If you try to record from AV1 you will most likely record the last analogue channel the TV was tuned into.

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