My Simple Bedroom Set Up


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Hi Guys,
Ive been browsing round AVForums for quite a while but have never really posted or been an "active" member so i thought it was time to post my simple set up thats nearly been finished.

I started re-decorating my room months and months ago but due to the fact of only being able to spend the odd weekend here and there on it, it didn't progress very quickly.

I meant to take lots of before and after pictures and also pictures along the process but completely forgot, so, unfortunately what my room looked like before this has been into the end of time, which, i should add is a very good thing. (Lets just say bright bright bright yellow walls. Wasn't great.)

Im very new to the home cinema/hi-fi scene so i did alot of research before i bought any gear. Im very happy with how it sounds and looks and for a 19 year old who has never done any "DIY" in his life i think it all looks pretty good.

My Kit:-
Panasonic TX-37LZD85
Onkyo TX-SR606 AV Receiver (Faulty atm so has been sent back :mad:)
Monitor Audio SR6's
Sony Playstaion 3

Im hoping to get a few other bits soon (apple tv, Monitor Audio RSLCR but all comes down to available cash)

Please let me know what you think.
All comments good and bad are welcome.

Some of the pictures aren't great, need a lil bit more practice with the camera.











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Marky P

Get the duster out on that amp!:devil:

You gonna add some surrounds sometime?


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You wouldn't believe that i dusted everything before I took the pictures. lol.

Must be the dust off the camera as it hasn't been out for quite a while.

Yer, i would really love surround but Im not really sure if its possible in the space i have as i don't think that there is sufficient space on the back wall to position the rear speakers properly. If you look at the fourth picture you can see that there is a door to the far right hand side and i would have thought that the rear speaker would want to be positioned right where that is. :(

Any suggestions or advice would be more than welcome.



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Wow, you're brave to stick the amp on a floating shelf! It's not a light that amp...

Yer, i know the amp is damn heavy but i looked a lot at the specs for the shelving and it is rated at 40Kg per shelf i think, or maybe 40Kg in total, but either way that doesn't come close to what it all weighs.

Like what you've done with the shelves mate. Where are they from?

I got them from ebay.
Clear Glass AV Wall Shelf Shelving for DVD Sky box PS3 on eBay, also, TV Stands, Living Room Furniture, Home Garden (end time 11-Aug-08 19:41:57 BST)
There was two sizes when i bought mine (a deep one (40cm) and a not so deep one (33cm). I went for the bigger so that it would hold the onkyo. Unfortunately now i cant find any of the big ones on ebay, and they appear to have doubled in price. I paid £50 for it and now the smaller ones seem to be £100.:eek:

Looks nice, think you needed to use some tape for the walls / ceiling.

I did use tape to start with, but even though i had uni-bonded all of the walls and ceiling it pulled huge amount of paint off leaving horrible marks every where, which i unfortunately haven't been able to completely get rid of. So for the second time i just used a steady hand and a small brush.

them pictures are huge!! but it looks a nice setup!!

Lol, yer. Sorry. I resized them to half of the originals and thought it would be enough. Apparently not. I will try and resize them and edit the post to make it easier for reading.

Thanks for the complements everyone :smashin:

Deleted member 244378

you need to raise your front speakers and not have them facing inwards like you have them.


Very nice Chazman. Great pics, and love the MA's. I'm sure you could sort out some sort of speaker placement for some rears too ?;)


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Nice clean look, I like the shelves.:)


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you need to raise your front speakers and not have them facing inwards like you have them.

Thanks for the comment, but as i know very very little about Home Cinema etc i would greatly appreciate reasons for doing these things and also maby suggestions on how to do it. Cheers

Very nice Chazman. Great pics, and love the MA's. I'm sure you could sort out some sort of speaker placement for some rears too ?;)

Cheers. I was going to buy the BR5's but got an excellent deal on the SR6's and they just sounded so so so much better. I love them.

I would look more at the rear speakers but then i would want to spend money and to be fair, i cant afford it at the moment. lol. Ive got the angel on one shoulder saying be good and the devil on the other telling to me be bad. :devil:

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