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    Well, instead of "importing" my aging Yamaha DVD-S700 (US Model thus NTSC only / 110V) to here I decided to get a new player which had to fullfil the following conditions:

    Multiregion (of course!)
    Multinorm (PAL/NTSC)
    Multivolts (110-240V)

    Since I have already two decent players I didn't want to invest too much so I limited my budget to around GBP250.
    Not as easy as you may think, lot's of Japanese stuff on the market here (NTSC only) and local stuff is usually 110V AC only.

    So I narrowed down:

    Philips Q30 - does it all but no DTS, not even DTS dig. out!?
    Denon DVD-1100 - does it all budget machine
    Shinco DV-833 - el cheapo

    All will do DVD/SVCD/VCD/CD/MP3 etc. but none will play DVD-A/SACD; however that's no issue for me at this time.

    I also looked at the "Logic" players, new kid on the block aka "American Petersound" but that company looks dodgy (not American at all I would say) and the Parasound DVP-1600, both of which seem to be based on the same OEM product btw.
    Interestingly the Parasound isn't even listed on the Parasound webpage and returns only one entry. :confused:

    Then I also found a discounted (and discontinued) Sony DVP-S745 (Asian equivalent to the 735) which I thought looks still classy and though it doesn't offer MP3 and the like I nearly purchased it - but they only had the display model left and since that was running for months already I surely didn't want that.

    Anyway, I then decided for the Denon DVD-1100, the most expensive of the three; not sure for what market it's intended as you can only find it in one of the bigger department stores here and not at any of the Denon dealers.
    Obviously a budget machine but with good build (aluminium face) and only the very basic controls on the front panel.
    But oh schock - no multiregion! Sh.. :(

    The saleman then wanted to sell me one of the older Philips models but I just thought let's take the cheapest then there is, the Shinco DV-833 I-do-it-all and since it comes with "Intellectual Upgrade" (no typing error here!) it will perhaps even play DVD-A/SACD in future. Yeah right ...

    Not hesitating I confirmed, verbally, multiregion and English OSD and took out my VISA CC #4563 2258 4478 6661. Bought a few DVDs for nearly the same amount of money and rushed home.

    Oh shock #2: Instead of 16.7 million colours I only got 16 or less. Swapped the video output, the leads, messed with the settings in the OSD (still all in Chinese as I couldn't find a way to switch to English), beat the TV but no help - terrible distorted picture, even when inserting a DVD.
    Went to my friends house the next day to ensure the DVD is at fault (and not the TV) and confirmed exactly that. :mad:

    Back to the shop, grabbed the sales guy and he confirmed, too, offering me a free exchange.
    Not too bad I thought but of course insisted to check out the replacement first. Picture ok - but how about the English OSD?
    Sales guy starts fiddling with the remote and seems to find that option, selects it but nothing happens.
    Tries the faulty deck and still won't work. So he takes the next higher model, the Shinco DV-8100. Essentially the same me thinks, just a different case (slimmer and silver instead of gold) and c/w 5.1 output.
    Here no prob - OSD can be switched to English and it suddenly all makes sense. :)

    And what does he do? He offers me a brandnew boxed 8100 as a replacement without any charge. Excellent!
    Quickly tried it out, left the OSD changed to English and rushed home and started spinning some DVDs.

    As far as I can judge on a 19" TV (4:3) with mono input and composite the performance is at least fair if not decent. Watched two movies and found no problems so far.
    The display is pretty ****ty though, running time is displayed in minutes and not hours and when chapter exceeds 9 & running time exceeds 99 minutes it read as e.g. 124110:45 (title, chapter, minutes, seconds). Though the first 3 digits are slightly bigger it is pretty messy. :eek:
    As well the remote is kind of crap, cramped with tiny buttons and playback control keys form a cross, not the menu keys which are part of the "general population" and don't have an enter key.
    No key for opening / closing the drawer either but you can switch between the video systems (PAL, NTSC, AUTO).
    If it can output PAL from NTSC and vice versa I cannot say nor test (TV is NTSC only).
    The same applies to the multiregion out-of-the-box promise and MP3/SVCD but I will check it out later. It also claims to play Kodak Picture CDs.
    And you do have Karaoke function, i.e. two mic inputs and pitch control. Very important.

    Now if you haven't guessed it yet it was very cheap player and for EUR150 I probably shouldn't complain too much. :p

    Connectivity then is pretty good at this price: 5.1 decoder out (no extra stereo out though), 2 composite, 1 S-Video and 1 Component output, 1 coax and 1 optical.
    Front panel is plastic but comes with basic playback and menu controls (arrows and enter), and does look pleasant.
    OSD is quite comprehensive including speaker settings (for 5.1 output) and multi-lingual (Chin., Engl., French, Spanish and one or two others).

    Something I wish to add: while at my friends place we talked about VCD/DVDs and the pricing so he showed me a local production of "Lawrence of Arabia" which he picked up for GBP1 (yes, one only) at a local hypermarket.
    But he said it only contained half of the movie while I was looking at the DVD disc itself. So I asked if he tried to flip it over and he replied "Yes, of course".
    Only after a few minutes I actually thought he might not have taken me seriously so I asked again and he confirmed he thought I was making a joke - hence his reaction.
    Of course the disc was double sided and the rest of the movie was on the "back". He actually did not know that you can have double-sided DVDs! :D

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