My setup (needs tweaking.. any help?)

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    My setup consists of:
    Laptop running windows xp, mounted up near enough behind dash.
    Audio out -> left and right audio jacks -> converter -> cd changer socket on h/u.

    Headunit then plays all sounds coming from laptop.

    Liliput 7" screen with av in.
    Laptop -> din socket (4pin) -> svideo -> liliput screen.

    Power runs from:
    back of cig. lighter -> 4 socket cig.lighter sockets (from halfords)
    1) power for screen
    2) power to power inverter from halfords again.

    inverter -> household type socket -> laptop power supply -> laptop.

    All in all this setup is probably a bit of a long way around doing this.

    Couple of questions would be:
    The lilput screen cant handle the av input from svideo from laptop very well.. really blurry hard to see anything..

    What is an ideal screen for this setup which would allow me to play dvds use the laptop etc? thanks for any help!!


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