My second hard drive has failed.


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My PC stopped working the other day. It booted, but was stuck on the Windows 10 loading screen.

It's my fault. I was getting the 'S.M.A.R.T status bad backup and replace' message on start up which sent me to BIOS. I didn't know what drive was corrupted. I just exited BIOS without saving and my PC booted, so I ignored it (dumbass). The primary HD is SSD. The second drive is a 1TB HDD.

I unplugged the HDD and the PC booted to Windows again. If I plug in the HDD, the PC recognises the drive in BIOS and boots, but the HDD dosen't show in Device Manager, so I can't run 'sfc scannow' to attempt a repair. The HDD was F drive. I noticed one of my USB drives in Explorer was now F drive, so I changed it to another letter, but it still didn't recognise the old HDD.

I ordered a 3GB HDD and I would like to copy the files from the old drive to the new one, but I can't access it. I tried TestDisk but it can't find the old drive.

It was really stupid of me not to back it up. It contains all my games and VR Unreal Engine projects.

Seeing as BIOS can see the HDD, is there a way I can extract the files? I'm bummed as I have my Half-Life Alyx save on there. One of my VR Unreal Engine projects contains a whole city block made from scratch with 3DS Max. I've been working on that project since 2007.
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Try reclaim me and look at basic guides.
1) It can see the HDD it might be able to scan the raw file system.
2) It has a quick and a long scan, given the state of the drive after quick scan try salvaging what you can.

The long scan is more through in recovering data but your drive is in a precarious state so you want to be using it as little as possible.

If relcaim me cannot see the HDD, you may not have much luck with software based recovery tools and might have to send the drive to a professional data recovery service, search google for any local to you

There are also some tools offered by HDD makers, these do not run in windows but often boot from freedos or something similar, these can possibly mark bad sectors on a drive, but it wont restore the file system if its been data corrupted.
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Thanks next010,

ReclaiMe didn't find the drive. I have an old save of the city project on a previous PC, so I can update the project and eventually convert it to VR again.

Not a total loss. My other files are saved to OneDrive.

I don't mind starting Half-Life Alyx from the start. Just wow..
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