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My Seasonic TX-750W tripped breaker or it was halogen bulb in bathroom?


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PC: Aorus AD27QD


Aorus 2080 Ti waterforce stock




Pc was on idle and monitor was on. Other devices like tv,washer off. So not circuit overload. 2 weeks ago something tripped 2 small circuit breakers . All electricity lights and sockets went down .Then.......i go to bathroom and saw that one of 3 halogen bulbs no lightning. So one bulb get burned.

What tripped breaker? Halogen Bulb or Seasonic psu of my pc?

Like i said pc working normally after that outage.But i am worried about my psu.

Thx for helping me. I am not cooled down<lol>.


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Yes, any bulb with a filament in it is quite likely to short when it fails and that will atke out a breaker. Replace bulb, reset breaker and test.


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I'd hope they'd be on different breakers.


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Why i ask about pc PSU? Ok i tell. I am really greatful for your answers,guys ;)

I had a good monitor AORUS AD27QD. 2-3 months ago when i was sleeping monitor was on. When i woke up all electricity went down. After switching 2 small circuit breakers power back . Pc works fine. But monitor was not turned back. I mean power button not working and no leds,nothing.

I sended to rma. Here is shop RMA message:

Shop:"We repaired PSU and sending back good monitor to client". So monitor psu if shop confirm that?

Is this possible that psu of monitor can trip breaker then if psu inside monitor, failed? BUT PSU OF MONITOR IS NOT THE SAME OF PC?

I guess i had bad luck with monitor ( 3 months ago ) and bulb ( 2 weeks ago )?


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It's quite possible for a 2nd breaker to blow. In some cases, the "spike" you get through the neutral from the disconnected circuit will take out an RCD or RCBO - or even an MCB - if some connected kit reacts badly to the transient. If you have a mixture of LED, halogen and low energy lamps, that's quite a nice mixed load and can create quite a large spike.


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Hey. So 6 months ago monitor trips electricity and get damaged. 2 weeks bulb propably. So my question is that i have bad luck? Or maybe it was my Seasonic 750W and not bulb this time?:) But pc working ok.

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