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Well ok i have only just realised that my Samsung LE23R71BX only has a 200x100 measurement for a wall mount, winch kinda limits me to what i was going to get because the others dont have a 200x100 measurement, and all the 200x100 ones are over priced.

So, my question is can anyone recommend me a good wall mount for the TV. Price range between £0-£40 lol. Also, it doesn't matter what type it is, but i would prefer an arm one.

I have also read that you have to cut a hole in the wall if you don't have an arm one (for all the wires or something), is this true?

Thanks, and please reply :)

jonny round boy

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Well thanks for replying people :rolleyes:

Ever considered that people may not respond because what you're asking isn't possible? I have seen a 200x100 mount for under £40 on eBay, but not an arm type. Arm type mounts are much more complex than the basic pressed steel mounts, and are therefore (generally) much more expensive (especially since 200x100 seems not to be as common as other sizes). You say that the ones you have found are 'overpriced'. Which ones have you found? What do you class as overpriced? I found this one in under 2 minutes on eBay, and for what it is I wouldn't call it overpriced.

I may be wrong on this, but I doubt you'll find what you're looking for for under £40. The only option I could suggest would be to get something like this which is 100x100, and then source/make an adaptor plate to fit 200x100.


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This arm with this adaptor plate should do you fine - they're what we use. Slightly over your budget, but very good quality. As it's a 23", you could probably get away with this arm, but it tends to bend off centre quite easily.

Edit: Just noticed that the arms I'm recommending are the same as the ones Jonny's recommending. Nice call. The adaptor plate basically takes the 100x100 centre fixings and gives you a 200x100 set of fixings.

Give it a shot.

Also, seriously, waiting 5 hours to start bitching about lack of replies on a forum most people don't read? Not cool.


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Sorry about the sarcastic post... and when i say overpriced, i meant all the ones i found, wich were from about £50-£60 just for a 23" TV, well anyway i think i might just buy one of the wall mounts i was originally going to get and then just buy an adapter.

Thanks :)

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