My Samsung F71 just went up in smoke !


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This afternoon my Samsung F71 40" LCD went up in smoke - quite literally. Came downstairs thinking "why's it so smokey in here" looked over at the telly and there were plooms of smoke coming out the top of it ! Oh dear. 2 years old and dead, nice.

Anyway, I'm taking this opportunity to look at new 40 or 42" screens. What would you guys recommend as a suitable replacement ?

Size wise I'd like to stick to 40 or 42" and I think I'll stick with LCD (viewing is a mixture of VirginMedia V+, PS3 blurays and PS3 games).

The F71 cost me around 1400 if memory serves me correct, so that'd be around my budget again.

No TV available until I get the replacement so I would appreciate some quick feedback - as I haven't got the luxury of being able to spend a few weeks browsing the net and looking at specs.

Thanks in advance.

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