My review of the Sony DAVDZ230: Please read if you are considering this .....

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Nov 17, 2004
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I thought I would share my thoughts on the Sony All in One DAVDZ230 5.1 Surround Sound kit, following my 'brief' experience with it!

Basically, I have an old Sony DAV SB100, which I got free with a purchase of a 32" CRT widescreen set three years ago. Whilst it is a decent sounding system (to my ears!) I wanted to advance a little - I didn't want to spend anything too much - around £200 max - and all I wanted was something similar to the one I have, but something that has a bit more bass and depth to it. I didn't want to be 'blown away' by the sound quality, as I realise on £200 you aren't going to be, but just wanted to 'step up' from what I already have.

So, I chose the Sony Z230. I got it via PC World online (collect at store option) for £148, which is the cheapest price going at the time of writing.

After getting it home, I was surprised at how light and flimsy feeling all the speakers (including the sub) felt. Ok - they looked really good, but just felt! So, I set these up, installed the player - and this is where the immense disappointment set in....

Firstly - on my current SB100, you only have to turn it up to say 8 or 9 to get decent sound on Freeview transmissions on Pro-Logic. On this Z230, to acheive an acceptable level, you had to turn it right up to 20 - which was about a 3rd off maximum! ALso, straight away, it sounded "tinny" - especially the centre speaker - this confirmed my earlier suspicions about them feeling "cheap".

The sub on this is truly awful. It's supposed to be a 140w sub, but after putting on a 5.1 fim with sound effects that come from the sub, I was amazed at how poor it was - for comparision I switched back for a second to my SB100 old sub (which was rated at 80w) and the difference was amazing - much more powerful. The DAVD Z230 is supposed to be 850w total, and my old SB100 is 330w and yet sounds far, far more deeper and powerful...

I would add, that I played around with all the settings and manually did the calibration as well as the automtic feature- but - if you have a poor system, I came to the conclusion that you cannot make it sound any better!

Perhaps someone can enlighten me here, but my speakers on my old set up are all rated at 8 (and then that symbol - don't know what it means) and the speakers on the Z230 were all rated at 3. Does this make a difference? I thought the more wattage, the better and louder sound.. however this certainly doesn't appear to be the case here.

In fact, it was so bad, that I packed it all back in the box and took it back to PC World today for a refund - which I got - and I have now put back my original set up and I am very pleased with it - well - compared to the Z230.

I just thought I would share this, cause if anyone is thinking of getting one, I would like to (maybe) save someone the time and effort in getting it all set up, only to be totally diappointed by the tinny quality of the speakers and very poor performance of the sub.

This is the first Sony product I have bought that I have really disliked, so this for me, is quite unusual!

Hope this helps - and my advice - don't waste your money on this - you are liable to be very disappointed.

Obviously, these are just my own personal views and apologies to anyone reading this that actually has one and likes it!
Thank you saved me!

Glad to be of service !!

No, seriously, I posted this, because I spent hours channeling all the wires around my front room and getting everything set up and mounted in place - it took me hours! So, just wanted to save someone else all this pain (!!)

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