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Nov 21, 2022
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My review of the Philips OLED 65/907 series TV

In many ways the design of the Philips 907 is very similar to my previous LG E6 oled and that is a big plus for me . I also considered ambilight an important feature so this tv was ticking all the right boxes .

Right from the start the picture quality is a big step up from the E6 . Upscaling is superior and it is a real delight . I considered motion on the 907 to be superior and I didn't notice problems with any material I was throwing at it . The backlit remote is a delight to use . I love the ambilight feature and my favourite is the hot lava lounge light . This tv has a heat sink and anti burn in features that was also important to me because I play video games a lot . Having 4K at 120hz when playing games on my Xbox x series is also great.

So now to the negatives , sadly my Philips tv was showing some DSE issues with a thick black shadow line that was visible down the right side.

Fortunately running the pixel refresh several times over the course of a week that takes around 10 minutes made the issue much less noticeable however a very faint shadow still exists but is rarely visible in day to day use .

Playing my video files on a USB 3 flash drive on the in built media player I was disappointed to find that some files would not play and others stuttered. There is a workaround however and that is to download KODI or VLC from the inbuilt android operating system and use the app . I didn't notice any problems with my video files playing this way .

I was so impressed with my E6 sound , the inbuilt speakers were really nice sounding so I was eager to test the bowers and Wilkins speakers on the 907. Compared to my E6 and especially at low volume it lacked any finesse and sounded hollow, a real disappointment and no amount of sound tuning and there are several ways you can customise the sound would make things better.

Eventually I settled for spatial sound but I have to say the sound quality is disappointing at this stage, however speakers do require lots of run in time so the sound quality should improve.

Other problems I have encountered have been that I cannot adjust picture settings when playing bbc iplayer . Pressing options on the remote does nothing and pressing menu on the remote takes you out of iplayer to the main android menu screen . When playing You Tube you can change picture settings so I think a software update is needed to solve this . Talking of software updates I have not been able to update the system over the internet. I'm missing updates since august . It seems the only way at the moment for me is to update it is by usb downloaded from the Philips support page .

The bbc iplayer became corrupted and the sound went missing. The only way to solve this problem was to restart the android operating system by going into settings (pressing options on the remote) then choosing android settings then selecting device preferences then scrolling down to the bottom to choose restart. I did try rebooting the tv and force closing the bbc app but both methods did not work to bring the sound back .

So to the WiFi section , I listen with headphones mostly these days though a xb10 astell kern wireless dac/ amp . I found the WiFi connection to the xb10 really good and much better than my old LG E6 .

The operating system is speedy, you can move around with speed using the remote so no worries there. Even with the problems I've encountered this is a awesome tv . I still have many features yet to try like dts playfi and aurora ambilight function to name just a few , overall I feel good about this tv .
I have the 2021 65OLED+936 which uses the same software.

I use a Roku Streaming Stick 4k and an AppleTV 4k rather than the built in apps for the exact fact that you can't easily adjust the picture settings when using the TV's built in iPlayer app.

It's interesting hearing your comments about the sound not being as impressive at you were expecting. The OLED+937 has the larger soundbar style which is an evolution of the same design that was used in the 934, 935 & 936.

The 907 design is sleeker and I can see why some people would prefer it.
To adjust the iPlayer picture setting you need to enter iPlayer from the green button when tuned to a BBC channel.
To adjust the iPlayer picture setting you need to enter iPlayer from the green button when tuned to a BBC channel.
Thank you for your information on the adjusting the iplayer settings via the green button, it works. The picture and motion settings I created when selecting iplayer from the main home menu are not remembered so I had to change picture settings and motion settings again

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