My recording studio. From broom cupboard to studio in 3 weeks.

Bill Hicks

Hi all.

I've very nearly finished turning an old broom cupboard into a fully functional if small recording studio.

I started the job just under 3 weeks ago when we had a combi-boiler installed freeing up another larger cupboard. This allowed me to turn our old storage cupboard into a home studio, something that I've always wanted even though the wife wasn't impressed initially. :devil:

Once we cleared the room I had to get three shelves installed so that I would have a base to sit my equipment. I was thinking of simply buying a computer stand but decided against this as custom built shelving would make better sense considering my limited space and look a lot better.
Once the shelving had been fitted I filled & painted the battered walls in matt white and the shelving, first using a MDF paint followed by a couple of coats of Satinwood brilliant white.
Once this was dry (around 48hours later) I started installing my equipment which consists of a Macbook pro installed with Garageband and Abelton Lite. My brand new Focusrite Saffire Pro 14 interface. A Boss BR800 and my trusty midi keyboard. I also installed a long MDF rack to hang my guitars. I was using a sattelite/sub PC speakers for my sound but changed these this weekend for a pair of Near 5 active monitors.
As a finishing touch I popped down to IKEA and bought some Dioder lights that I have installed at the back of the shelves. These are great as they can either be set at one colour or set to slowly fade from one colour to another (see photo's)
All I need to buy now is a decent condenser mic and download Logic Pro9 that is now available for £139 from Apples app store.
I also have a new Epiphone Les Paul in Vintage tobacco sunburst and a new Bass awaiting for me under the Christmas tree.

I would have loved to have included the photos within the paragraphs but I can't work out how to do it! :)
So I have included these together below so you can get an idea of how the whole project came along.



  • bare studio thumb.JPG
    bare studio thumb.JPG
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  • Bare studio thumb3.JPG
    Bare studio thumb3.JPG
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  • guitar rack 1 thumb.JPG
    guitar rack 1 thumb.JPG
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  • boss thumb.JPG
    boss thumb.JPG
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  • focusrite thumb.JPG
    focusrite thumb.JPG
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  • Bare studio 2 thumb.JPG
    Bare studio 2 thumb.JPG
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  • speaker thumb.JPG
    speaker thumb.JPG
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  • keyboard thumb.JPG
    keyboard thumb.JPG
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  • tn_Studio Lighted 1 Thumbnail.JPG
    tn_Studio Lighted 1 Thumbnail.JPG
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  • tn_Studio Lighted 2 Thumbnail.JPG
    tn_Studio Lighted 2 Thumbnail.JPG
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congratulations on such a successful build, it looks great, hope you get some great stuff out of it. my only concern is dampening, it looks like a lot of hard surfaces?


Yes the acoustics in the room could be better.
Can you suggest anything other than egg boxs? :D

if you just spray paint some egg boxes theres no need to go out and spend money.


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