My proposed budget set-up - is it okay gurus?



Hi Folks,

I recently saw a demonstration of a home cinema projector on TV and was blown away buy how affordable these things now were. Since, I've been fantasizing about a mini cinema in my bedroom/living quarters and have now decided to do something about it.

As usual, lack of funds taints my dreams somewhat, but after having a look around I have found a setup I think will work together. I'm not an audiophile, so I'm not looking for perfection here, but would still like something that will give me decent sound for watching movies

My room is 393cm x 315cm and here's what I was thinking of purchasing:

After hours surfing and reading reviews, this projector seems to have a decent write-up:

I know its only entry level, but reviews have been good and I think it should be fine for my size of room. I plan to project onto a plain white wall (colour could be different if advised) The customer review on amazon got me excited and influenced my choice of 5.1 setup.

For my 5.1 setup I am considering:

This has the upscaling mentioned by the customer reviewing the benq w100 and the DVD player looks equivalent to the Phillips DVP5960/5980 which interested me before I located the full package, including speakers etc.

I plan to connect the benq w100 to the DVD player of the HTS3357 using a HDMI to DVI-D cable to emulate the settings of the customer who left the review for the benq. The projector will be used solely for DVD; I'm not interested in watching TV through it or having the TV piped through the 5.1. I'm looking for a dedicated cinematic experience, or as close as I can get on my budget!

I'll probably get a cheap LCD for TV watching as I want to wall mount it.

Ideally, I'd like to have the DVD player with the projector at the back of the room and run the speakers to the front where the projection will occur as I want to reduce any big distractions (huge TV center) up front. However, this might change.

So I'm looking for opinions on whether what I propose is feasible and well thought out. Especially on the projector -> DVD player connection. WIll there be a problem piping the visuals to the projector via HDMI lead, as I believe this carries audio as well. and can the sound still be pumped through the 5.1 speaker system okay. I believe the audio output is selectable? I'm also worried about audio sync issues with the picture being projected, any reassurance on this would put my mind at ease :)

I do have another query regarding the Philips DVD player based on comments I read on the DVP5960/5980:

Will there be an issue when I watch movies with snowing scenes or scenes involving water. Rumour has it that the Philips don't like these scenes and jerkiness occurs. Obviously I'd be looking to avoid any show-stoppers like this. Some comments I've read online imply that this only happens if watching movies over the USB connection. Can anyone confirm this issue and/or whether I'm fretting for noting?

Well, thats about it. I would greatly appreciate any comments from the knowledgeable people who frequent this forum and would give any alternate recommendations for equipment serious consideration.

Thanks in advance...


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