My plasma went pop


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My TH-42PX80BA has been working great for over 12 years but last night it tripped the electrics. Changed the cable and tried again but then there was a pop/crack sound and a smell as well, and the electrics tripped again.

I'm assuming it's not worth getting a quote for repair(?). I read on here that plasmas can be got cheaply these days.
There will be the issue of disposing of it (down the tip or giving it away as spares or repair).

How do modern tvs compare picture quality wise?

Thank you for any help or advice :)
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How do modern tvs compare picture quality wise?

Much better. A modern UHD TV opens up your options for high quality content. Depends what you normally watch. I find that my Sony Bravia doesn't display SD content very well, and probably looks better on my TH-42PX70BA, which I've had for many years.
Maybe your Panny can be repaired, if it's a case of burnt out power supply?


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I suspect the power supply went pop, you could mostly likely get the it fixed, but would it be worthwhile when the TV only worth a few pounds

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I think the technical term is doing a "Cheggers".


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Thanks for the replies. I read about the power supply issue yesterday, and your comments have confirmed what I read.
I've now found a couple of places on ebay that sell replacement boards for £50 (not new), and there is a youtube video of how to install it. It looks quite simple to do. I've repaired other devices around the house so am considering whether to try this or buy a new tv.
I found this thread as well

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