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My Plasma thoughts - Purchase imminent

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs' started by Xebec2005, Sep 11, 2005.

  1. Xebec2005


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    Basically I am looking for a plasma which can be used for digital TV and my large collection of DVDs - PAL and NTSC. TV is via a Telewest cable box or ariel. I dont play games and am not looking for computer access via the TV.
    I would like some degree of future proofing - not Sky HD (not sure when Telewest will adopt HD) but maybe HD DVD in due course. I would combine the plasma purchase with a surround sound system (?Denon SD500).
    I am tempted by a Panasonic panel but its quite daunting spending the amount of money involved and not getting a TV but only a screen. I realise that simplifies it rather.........
    I did see the Hitachi PD5200 in Comet and have to say I liked the picture and the price.
    Reading the forums I am also drawn to the Panasonic PE40/50 (Good price for the PE40 from Currys).
    I was tempted by the Hitachi 6600 deal at Currys but held off as it was a new model with no user experience. The generally positive forum comments make me realise this was probably a good deal.
    There also seem to be forum fans for some Samsung and LG models although the model numbering on the Samsungs seems to be very confusing.

    This probably seems like a ramble - although I am sure I am not alone in finding the choices quite daunting - but I would welcome any further thoughts which could clarify my thinking.


    David :confused: :) :lease:

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