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I bought a technics hifi 18 months ago that is pro-logic and DD5.1 capable (if i got a subwoofer).... i never bothered.

Now i have a dvd player that decodes DD and DTS, i could get a sub, and run leads from from the 6 outputs on my player to the amp on the technics and DTS is mine!

Either that or i spend £200 on a DD/DTS 5.1 pc speaker setup that my pc could also use, and connect to the player with optical or digital coax...

So, that's the background.... Will the pc speaker setup getting DTS through optical/coax be better? or will letting the dvd player decode and output to my technics be better?

If the second, then i need a subwoofer... how much would that be? if over £200, then i might as well go down the pc route?

Thanks for any thoughts.



40+ views.... i expected at least "5.1 pc speaker setups are total crap"


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There's some PC setups like the Videologic that seem to be well rated. Personally I wonder how much you will gain from DTS with those sort of speakers. I don't hear a lot of difference between DD and DTS. You may be better off with the Technics DD if that has decent speakers. A basic sub can be picked up cheaply and will make a difference.

Just my 2p worth



Originally posted by SmegFirk
40+ views.... i expected at least "5.1 pc speaker setups are total crap"
yeah :rolleyes:

Why not connect the DVD player up to the amp without a Subwoofer and give it a try. If it sounds good then you can add a sub later.

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