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My PJ arrived late this afternoon

Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by Sporran, Dec 30, 2004.

  1. Sporran

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    Dec 13, 2004
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    Pembrokeshire, Wales
    Well after all the reading on these forums decided 2 weeks ago to order a PJ. Went for that Sony HS50, after having a NECVT560 for nearly 3 weeks and a Dell 3300MP to try the DLP alternative. I suffered rainbows. Anyways, NEC was good or i thought it was good.

    But after reading the forums and getting used to the terms it suffers from all the ilks of LCDs, real bad VB, screendoor (though tbh my uncles plasma has worse SD) and 4 deal pixels. And i was the first user of the NEC :(.

    The HS50 came and have been playing the last hour with it. Wow its huge compared to the others i have. But wow wow :clap: cant clap enough the picture is superb. Been watching celebrity millionanaire and the colours are :censored: brilliant lol.

    Really really pleased with it although I havent really put it to the test. But if it makes you happy your 99% there i reckon :D. And im very.

    Lovely colours, the blacks are like black, no VB at all, even on Nemo were the NEC was very bad. Didnt notice any screendoor (maybe im just still in awe) and not one dead pixel. And, you wouldnt think the unit is on its (in Bjork tone) oh sooo quiet sshhhhh. :clap:

    Can recommend this entirely, but it aint cheap so get a viewing. Got mine from Gultronics and Lal was superb, friendly and a real pleasure to deal with. Hope my experience is as good as yours. :smashin: Cheers for all the helpful advice on the forums.

    *looks at wife, yes yes i know the washing machine is broken, but theres a nice dvd player on www dot com* :laugh:


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