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    Here are my thoughts on pixel plus and Philips TV's.

    I Started with a Philip's 46 Rear TV , which had numourous faults and was too soft compared to CRT. I was able to exchange this for a 36pw9525 which had a fault with NTSC dvd via the scart. This was exchanged for another 36pw9525 , which is when I noticed the dark edges on the left and right sides of the screen.

    This set then had strange marks appear on the centre of the screen , and went in for repair with a local Philip's workshop . I was then told that the TV should be sent to the retailer for examination. The only problem was that the workshop dropped the TV and caused two holes to appear in the screen!

    A new Tube was ordered , and this is when I noticed the Panasonic label on the new tube.

    The TV arrived back home with the addition of a loud hum from the back of the set . The dark edges were there , a dark vertical line was also visable towards the centre of the screen.

    I Have now managed to arrange a replacement TV , and this was not done via the retailer . Lets just say that consumer rights won the day.

    The new TV is the 36 pw9607. First impressions are very good. The dark edges are there but are not too noticable. No hum at all . The colours are vibrant and the grey scale is perfect. The dolby digital is very good , although I am using Linn rear speakers.

    Pixel Plus is for the most part stunning , yes I have seen some ripples , to give an example the region 1 DVD of Bridge Over The River Kwai , I noticed two moments of digital ripple. DNR set to off, contrast to about 40 . Slight overscan on the left is my main concern at present.

    Hope this can be of help and inspiration.

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