My photo's from last while (Wales + Scotland)


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Been an absolute age since I uploaded any photo's. I think after that week in Skye at the begining of the year I rarely feel any of my stuff is good enough.


17mm | 1/125s | F6.3 | ISO 2oo | CPL

#2 - This island called Fidra, near North Berwick was apparently an inspiration to Robert Louis Stevenson

Panorama @ 120mm | 1/160s | F10 | ISO 2oo | CPL

#3 - Up near Aberdeen

10mm | ND110


#5 - Braemar Falls

#6 - Just past Braemar

#7 - Graig Wen, Wales Panorama of 3 shots @ 10mm

#8 - Beautiful sky while we were narrowboating on the Llongollen Canal

#9 - Our boat in the Lock

#10 - This was meant to be my "adventure" entry but missed the deadline!

#11 - This castle sits on a hill above Llongellen. It was built almost a millenium ago and was never repaired after being gutted by a fire less than 20years after it was built!!

Aplogies that there is no exif detailed, however flickr wont load the pics and Fxif doesn't work with Firefox 3.0 :mad:

C&C most welcome.


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Flickr appears to be broken at the mo. What am I paying for!!!

Come back soon!
Flickr appears to be broken at the mo. What am I paying for!!!

Come back soon!

Flickr is working fine for me via firefox and I can see your exif info fine. Flickr also shows this.

Flickr is currently changing its homepage see the bottom of yours to view the demo site. ;)

Just stunning as always where do you start ?


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I can see where you are coming from, them skye photographs were something special, but hey dont let it stop you trying your best with the rest.
Its all down to location as your composition and exposure is spot on with all your photographs and i for one always look forward to seeing them.
No 8 does the business for me:thumbsup:


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Hello there Ally

Good to see you back.:smashin:

A very nice set of pictures:smashin:

There something about the #1 one that tickles my taste buds. Nicely done:smashin:


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No's 2,5,6,7 and 11 are excellent photographs and are my pick of a great set.:thumbsup:


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More like the Isle of Skies ;) Brilliant shots, my favourite has to be number 6 with the heather.


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Great shots Ally. Top stuff. :thumbsup:


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Hi Ally - welcome back. None too shabby that lot.

#4 is a real standout pic - the movement in the water and compostion is top notch. Nice processing too.

#11 is similarly excellent. Again, good composition, well processed and a top sky to boot.


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Hell! if these are what you consider okshots then I will never post pics here, stunning each and every one of them, I'd be proud to have shot anyof them :smashin:


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I rarely feel any of my stuff is good enough.

Yeah, I don't know why you bother Ally :eek:

All of those pictures are fantastic, and I think numbers 1, 2, 7, 8, & 9 are stunning.

Thanks for sharing.

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