My Panasonic HX800 won't pass through Dolby Digital audio.


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I recently bought a cheapy soundbar to improve the audio of Panasonic HX800b.

However I am having issues getting audio playback to work properly with anything other than AAC and MP3 audio files.

I am playing MKV files from a USB stick. Whenever I select a file with AC-3 audio, there is no sound coming from the soundbar. This happens with both the Optical Audio and HDMI connections.
The AC-3 files play fine with the inbuilt speakers.

Could anybody please help me? I'm tearing my hair out at the thought of having to convert my rips to AAC just to play them through the soundbar.
Does anybody have any experience with this?

Thanks ever so much.



Distinguished Member
Have you setup the TV correctly to pass multichannel audio via the ARC port? What soundbar do you have?


Novice Member
Wierd problem you got there, any improvement yet?
Might be worth trying to connect the soundbar to a laptop/pc and play the MKV off it, see if it's still a problem?

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