MY Pace box V2 is dead today...


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I have had sky + for 2 years now.
Never had any trouble with it untill today.
The box was fine last night.
Now when I turn it on all I get is no signal on both feeds.
Have reboted it but still no good.

I am going to check my LMB but if its the box can it be repaired?
As my hard disk was full up with stuff I need to watch.


Its not my LMB as my Comag SL - 55 FTA box is still going.

:( :( :( :( :(


My pace sky+ box died saturday, hard drive made some horrible sounds then the box went dead, will not even turn on, so I cannot watch tv.
Apparantly they are notorious for failing just outside of the warranty period, there was a piece on watchdog about it recently.
I have had to pay £65 for an engineer to not turn up today to replace the box, what a rip off, as if I dont pay them a fortune each month to watch sky.
My old standard sky box which I had from the start of digital was paid for in the monthly subscription so if it went wrong they replaced it free of charge, including a free engineers visit, and i presumed the sky+ was the same as I never paid outright for the box, and the monthly subscription has not reduced after the year was up.
Thinking of going to NTL as the replacement box will only have a 3 month warranty and a garuantee it will fail again, to my cost.


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I had to call sky as well as there no places in clacton which repair these.
I am well ****** of because I have some thing which I have been tapeing on to DVD and had all 5 episodes of it and only one more left.

I can not find this show to download or see it being repeted.

So would like to some how back it up.

But you can not do this.


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How do you do a forced update?


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Just done that still no good.

Ive got an old Amstrad DRX 100 out from the garage.

The picture is crap and its as slow as hell but it works and updated OK.

It also can not do RGB very well so set to PAL.

Sky are coming on wednesday which is quite quick for them at this time of year.


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Good News

I took my sky + box down to where the comag SL - 55 is pluged in.

And its now going.

So it looks like theres some thing worng with the LMB or it could be my cable.

One feed is still down on the sky + but the main one is up.

So I will phone sky back up and cancle it now.

I might need to order a new LMB or get some new cable.

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