My Orange Contract Is Due - Its upgrade time but to What?


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My 18 month contract is coming up for renewal, whats the chances that I will get a decent upgrade and what upgrades have you guys had from them recently and which is the best way to go about it? eg go into shop or ring Orange up? (this is my first contract upgrade)

I am on 18 month £30 per month contract and averages between £30 - £35

Any advice would be great cheers


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You haven't said what features you need?

I upgraded to a Nokia N73 and it was the most miserable two weeks of of my life. (I'm sure they've sorted it out, but nothing would convince me to get another 3G handset)

I am now in love with my Nokia 6300!
as the mac users here would say "it just works!"


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ahh that would help.

I would like a phone with a decent camera, bluetooth etc all the normal features. Good big screen, easy to use for texting.

I was looking at the N73 but are you saying its rubbish? they other phone I was looking at was the HTC Touch.

My current phone is a SE W810i


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After using a W810i, moving to a HTC Touch is bit of a jump. They are totally different kinds of phones. I suggest trying out a HTC Touch, I personally dislike them.


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at the moment I am on 150 txts, 325 cross network mins, and 100 on network off peak mins.

I would like something very similar or better for the same price.

Any advice is appreciated :thumbsup:

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