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My Oppo 970HD is not well what should I do ?


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After several years of excellent service my Oppo 970HD has started to show signs of failure.

I suspect the drive mechanics are failing or the laser has developed an intermittent fault. Sometimes it tries to load a dvd but locks while "loading". USB playback is fine so it looks like a drive fault.

I have opened up the case and reseated connections and blown across the laser and this has got things working again.

So my options are :-

1. Obtain a new drive for the 970, anyone know where I can purchase spares?

2. Buy a Cambridge Audio DVD89 (I believe the equivalent of the Oppo 970)

3. Buy a Cambridge Audio DVD99 (I believe the equivalent of the Oppo 980)

4. Wait a few days and get a new Oppo BDP-80

I currently use a PS3 for Blu Ray duties. Whatever I buy will be fed to a Lumagen scaler so I do not require on board scaling.

Any thoughts ?


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Yep, I'd go for the Oppo too.

Nic Rhodes

Distinguished Member
Hi Alan, just to add, just like the 970 did it a little differently in your system, then the direct outs from the latest Oppos are what you will require. You will also see a nice jump in quality also, as well as Blu and all the other toys. Bigger brother of 83 is lovely player, we all wait to see how much the 80 will be :D.


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Thanks for the thoughts guys.

I suspected as much :)

Nic, setup has changed a little since you last saw it. Processor is now an Audiolab 8000AP + external Audyessy for EQ. I was planning to send everything to Audiolab via LPCM HDMI, then on to a new moome input card (with Mike Parker Mods and Gamma circuit) to the projector.

Nic Rhodes

Distinguished Member
Should work very well with that Alan, the new Oppo 80 is £350 MR on DVD and BR by the way from the usual source. How do you like the Audyessy?


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How do you like the Audyessy?

Very impressed with Audyessy. It really does give the impression that every seat is in the "sweet spot". It has a bypass button which lets you hear the difference without EQ enabled. The difference is not subtle. With EQ enabled the sound fills the room with audio tracking around without any impression of where the speakers are. The sound just comes from everywhere as appropriate. Press the button and the sound collapses back into the speakers.

If you have a sonically perfect listening room its probably a waste of time, as I have never experienced a perfect room and my room is not perfect I find the Audyessy an impossible to live without product.

The only observation (not a criticism) that I have, is that the bass while very controlled can sometimes sound like the level is a little low. Of course this can be manually boosted to personal preference.

You are welcome to drop in for a listen if you are ever in this "neck of the woods"



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