My Onkyo TX-SR875 is dying, need some suggestions for a replacement.


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Recently moved to a new house and it looks like my amp was damaged in the move. First it wouldn't power on so I pulled all the connections off the power input board and reseated them, that got it working. However, there's now no sub output (yes I've checked it's turned on in the amp and the sub works from another source) and the amp shuts down during loud passages of a movie.

I'm looking to replace the amp as it's an uneconomical repair these days given it's age. Not looked at the receiver world for a few years since I bought the current setup so would appreciate some suggestions of amps to look at.

System is B&W speakers all round, monolith sub, Infocus X10 projector. Sources are mac mini media server running plex and a BluRay player for most movies. I'd like to have some level of future proofing for the next few years. I'll be renovating the house in a couple of years and putting in a more suitable projector, our last living room was 24' square with 14' ceilings, the X10 doesn't really suit the smaller room we currently have, but that's a job for later.

When we do upgrade it will possibly be to a 4k projector if they're affordable by then so I'd want true 4k passthrough. I'd like to be able to stream from various i-devices and, if it's possible, stream direct from my nas server instead of the mac mini, though not sure that's even feasible.

Budget is £5-700 or thereabouts.


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£5-700 is not a lot to replace a powerful 7.1 receiver that cost £999 8-9 years ago. I think you will be hard pushed to get a 7.1 capable receiver with the features you are looking for and the sonic weight of the 875. Especially once you start looking at reasonable levels of future proofing. I have the same receiver btw. :)


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He could still be waiting for an answer..v patient:D

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Lol! Didn't notice the age of the post.

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