My old 28" vs most advanced 32/36"... What the hell mine wins?!?


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I recently attended a show where various new audio/video products where displayed and among these where the newest and most advanced CRT front projection televisions of the European market.

I had till that point not seen a 16:9 television whose PQ I liked or was impressed by in any way. Till then I had just comforted myself with the though that these demo sets where being fed trough the RF input via a very bad splitter and so the PQ could not be expected to be good and that these sets where not top of the line anyway.

Anyhow, I attended the show prepared to be blown away by these new widescreen television sets. But I was dumbfounded by the fact that none of the units I saw could hold even a candle to my plain old Sanyo 28HN1 100hz television. Bear in mind that these sets where being fed a RGB signal from a good midrange DVD player. And still they where far from what I got feeding my 28" a S-video signal using my PS2 as a DVD player.

The 32/36" SONY, Phillips, JVC and Panasonic sets looked really bad and had nor the clarity, resolution, vibrancy or the depth of colour that my set has. Philips had the best PQ of the lot followed closely by SONY and JVC and with Panasonic in a distant fourth place. I was specially shocked seeing how bad the PQ on the Panny 32PH40 looked as this is set I was most likely going to buy if I decided to upgrade.

So what the hell is up with widescreen televisions anyway? Why is their PQ so crappy compared to my old 28”? I just played LOTR on my set and the picture looks crisp, beautiful and detailed unlike anything I’ve ever seen on any 32” widescreen set. Why?


I have just returned my new sony 32fq80 because of convegence error and "humming" noise from the tv set.And every morning it can't turn on from the remote control, i have to start it up from the front of the set and the remote works all day, until the next morning.The sales person kindly replaced the sony with the new philips 9527 but it is kinda blurred so im returning it back and buy myself a cheaper model, no need to pay a lot of money for a tv set i'm not pleased with, then it's better to pay a small amount of money and still be unhappy.
That's my opinion.

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