My o2 not showing allowances

Mr Mot

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Worked perfectly on my 3GS..

I installed it on my iPhone 4 yesterday, logged in to check my allowances and on the first tab, everything is "0" as if I have no allowance remaining - I know that's not the case and to confirm, I sent a blank text to 21202.

All of the other tabs have the correct information..

Any idea what could be the matter?


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Can't help other than to say it works for me. What plan are you on? I know it shows zero if its something unlimmited, like texts on simplicity plan.

New Start Neil

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Have you (intenionally or inadvertently) moved to a tariff that has "unlimited" something or other?

Maybe that's why (as per previous suggestion) it's showing zero?


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I have the same issue. I suspect that it will sort itself out on my bill date (2/7/10). I moved from the iPhone £35 24mth with unlimited data to the new iPhone4 tarriff (same minutes and text but data limit is 500MB/mth).
Perhaps thats why.

Mr Mot

Established Member
it's sorted it's self out now I'm in a new billing cycle

I moved to o2 last month, to simplicity for iPhone. It worked great at first but then had this glitch.

All is well now though, thanks folks :)

I presume yours will be the same Wendolene.


Standard Member
Same Problem here, cept i'm on 3.

My data allowances have been frozen( was working like you said ) for over 2 weeks now.

Hope it sorts itself out soon, i'm so anal when it comes to not knowing what i've used.

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