My non-standard dual sub installation

Discussion in 'Subwoofers' started by trevdigital, May 28, 2018.

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    Right, for many of you I might have commited sub-woofer/bass management sacrilege. I decided that I would go dual. I had a 7.1.4 setup with a Velodyne Ultra 1200 which sounded pretty good but the bass sounded kind of one sided/unbalanced whatever I tried. So, I decided to get a second sub, so did I get another Velodyne? well no I got a REL T7/i and initially set it up with just the LFE input. The subs are at opposite corners of the room, front right(Velodyne), rear left(REL) facing behind the seating.

    Everything sounded fine and the bass felt more evenly distributed but some how the front stage sounded less defined. Now the REL has a unique way of connection where you can connect a High Level input as well as the LFE input. However, you need to set the main speakers to large. I was skeptical as the percieved wisdom is to set the speakers to small and obviously my Velodyne was LFE only so I thought I would lose the LFE on the Velodyne if I set the mains to large. I considered I would lose nothing by experimenting so I implemeted the High Level input on the REL and set my mains to Large. For me the result has increased the dynamic range of my bass from clean chest compression to the subtlest of rumbles. With dialogue clear throughout.

    So there you are, a non standard setup that defies the percieved wisdom of setting up Home thatre.

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