My new toy


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Looks like fun, how much does one of those kites sell for?

All we need now is a chav version, where the chav gives it to it's sprog and the child gets carried half way down the beach & out to sea. :D:rolleyes:

John 1987

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I've always wanted to do that, looks like so much fun. Bet it must strain your arms though?


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They arnt cheap by a long shot, picked that one up for a bargain £180 second hand.

Wife wants to get into kite surfing, kite alone gonna cost upwards of £300.

Oh, and as for the aching arms.....

I got shares in deep heat:D


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i used to do power kiting a few years back, we used to stack 6 x 6 foot flexifoils on top of each other. that was serious power used to be able to lift us off the ground about 20 feet may be more and people say flying a kite is boaring


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you need to get yourself a buggy mate and some public liability insurance :D
my brother in law is right into that just now and its awesome fun.


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looks like fun , i just hope a big gust doesnt catch you out , not trying to be a killjoy , just be careful is all i am trying to say :thumbsup:

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