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I have been working for a while now (a long while) on converting my loft into a home cinema and last week reached the stage where I got the equipment in.

My loft is about 11.5ft * 15ft with a stairway, small landing and water tanks taking up about a 6ft square in one corner. At this end I intend to fit a desk for my office/PC area (I want an Herman Miller Aeron chair if anyone has one spare).

At the opposite end I have fitted my Plasma TV and have a 7.1 speaker setup installed (only 5 wired in as I write)

The Equipment -
Denon AVR 3802 Receiver
KEF KHT2005 Speakers with 2 additional speakers
Arcam DV88plus

I bought the above from Creative Audio in Shrewsbury The deal included all the cables and plugs needed to get the system running. I chose the Kef speakers because they suit my room and have good mounting options - important in a room where 60% of the walls are at a 45 degrees angle.
The Arcam player does Pal progressive.

Toshiba WP27

This is the Panasonic 5 series rebadged. I wanted the silver model to match the Kef speakers. An added bonus is the 2 year warranty that Toshiba include. I bought the Plasma from Bascially I rang them up and it was delivered the next day along with a Unicol wall mount.
Mounting the TV was a challenge. As brickwork in lofts isn't generally very pretty I had installed a false wall and plaster boarded that. I needed to mount the TV into the brick work though so I used some long fancy bolts that expand as you tighten a nut up on then - I had to fit about 12 large loose nuts over each bolt as I could not tighten the tightening nut close to the expending barrel (deep inside the wall). I used 8 bolts to mount the Unicol wall mount. It seems quite solid.
A nice touch was on Monday Plasma Screen called to see if I got the delivery and if everything was ok.

The plasma is perfect. No flicker, no buzz. I had a big grin on my face for a long time after I first turned it on.
Sound is awesome - the Kef eggs fill the room with ease and the Denon delivers flawlessly.
The Arcam DVD player rocks.

I need to get a blind for my loft window (anyone know where I can get one from ? Its a Wickes window)

If anyone is interested I will post pictures but not until the new year - I have still to get the carpet fitted and my equipment stand delivered.


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Did you do the loft conversion yourself? I've been looking at doing this but the loft part is serious money... How much did you spend on the loft parts [not the kit].



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I did do the loft part myself. This included fitting joists and a floor hangers. The loft is high enough to not required a dorma window so I fitted a roof window instead.

As for cost - this was done a very low budget - My dad started the loft years ago and I eventually bought the house when my parents moved to Devon. We installed an old flight of stairs that we narrowed, all of the joists were reclaimed and the flooring was reclaimed 1 inch sheets of ply - very good and very strong.

I did the walls, insulation and ceiling - including the light etc..

The most expensive single thing was the plasterer that finished it all off - just a light skim finishing coat - that cost 400 quid.

Wish we had kept a diary of the whole project now. The end result is a great space that will free up 2 rooms from the rest of the house.


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Sounds great. i bet there would be a fair few people on this forum who would be interested to hear more about your conversion and piccies when they are available. For most (and I include myself) there is something special about having a loft hideway.

Good luck and enjoy your setup.

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