my new ler37r87bd (r)

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hello everyone new to this forum ,looks like its full of info!
anyhow just got a new tv r87bdx i thought looked on back has r in brackets ?

read the reviews b4 i bought it ,got it home and to be honest the pic dont seem that good ,havnt a clue what all the hdmi ports are for could do with some info on how to make pic better ,or have a bought a crap lc tv?
just checked again it has got an x in the model code so it is a bdx


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First of all welcome, and no you haven't bought a crap tv.... default settings are notoriously bad, they are set to stand out in bright lit show rooms. second I would advise that you make yourself familiar with the tv by reading the manual, next there is the Samsung R86/87/88 Owners Thread/Optimal Settings & Discussion thread here that has plenty of advice settings etc for your tv have a good look/read and if you have any queries/question post in that thread so all the info is in one place....... oh and enjoy your tv :)


p.s. some label it BD other's BDX (Bordeaux) it doesn't matter they are/mean the same.


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hi just had aquick look on a link ,lyris lite quick and dirty tv set up,which was helpfull,will check out the the thread you suggest ,thanks


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Hypermonkey, follow the settings guidelines in the first post of that thread. You won't be disappointed.

Like countless others I spent months researching TVs before opting for this one and I've worn a grin from ear to ear since I got it - So far Freeview on the built-in tuner has been wonderful - so much better than expected - and I have it hooked up to a custom-built HTPC via HDMI2 with outstanding results in all areas: PC use, web browsing, movies in a variety of formats, TV through the PCTV tuner (it's a PVR, after all) and HD content stored on the HDD (I'll invest in a blu-ray player if it becomes necessary).

Yesterday I mounted it on the wall through 50mm of polystyrene-backed plasterboard on one of these (I bought some extra long bolts with sleeves!):
which has been the icing on the cake...
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