My new KDE-V42A12U


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Hi Guys,

After all the hassle with the Samsung 40" LCD, that is going back to digi uk as picture quality was dire and blacks where purple/blue so i have bought the new Sony which was within my budget - would have liked a PV500 panny but they were like hens teeth to get.

Posted up one pic as battery has died on phone.

Apologies for poor pictures as taken only with K750 i phone and doesn't do it justice. Really impressed with the quality as blacks are blacks and good solid colour. It is only 852 X 480 but it will handle all formats just scale them down.
HDMI, 3 RGB Scarts, Component, SVideo, Freeview included & Topup TV ready

Paid £1500 from RGB direct at Ilford. They are so new even the local Sony Centres don't have them in.




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Hi Dvdchild,

Could you replay how i compaires to th PE50s PQ, because its supose to have the same WEGA picture enhancement technology chip as Sonys MRX1s.



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looks really nice (didnt realise it was a plasma initially - thought it was LCD!) I was impressed with this range of Sony TV's in comet, but the things that rule them out for me are:

No media box (I want to wall mount)
Low resolution - Is it HD Ready? (I know it has HDMI)

Fantastic price though - it looks really expensive


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Thanks for your reply kamaran,

I live i sweden and was thinking of getting the PE55 when it launches in Swe. but that is not until late Dec. according to Pan.Sweden. So i was thinking of getting it i Germany, when i saw this Sony, which had the same spec. being a previous owner of a pa50, now owning philips 9956 which am no all that happy with(due to PixelPlus).
I am not concerned of it being high-def. i just want a good picture as well as a nice looking screen.

thanks ahead all advice i can get..


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It is Hi Def Compatible so anyting over 480p will be scaled down to panel size. But it does support all formats.



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As for picture quality i would say that it is pretty close to the Pv500 & Pe50 for picture quality.

The blacks really are black but you still get to see any suitable details.

I am really please with it and best of all - no buzzing etc at all - totally silent operation.



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The tv is a HD compatible - it will display 480p at native resolution but anything higher will be scaled down to fit the panel.

Anyways I am sending this TV back as it has an intermittant powering off problem and also faces have a horrible green tint to them (i think this is called GREEN DOT CRAWL) and i have fiddled with settings but cannot get a satisfactory picture.

Not very happy with RGB Direct as they are charging me £70 + VAT to collect TV. Bit of a P^&s take as it is at fault.

I am getting it swapped for a 42" Panny PV500 and paying the extra.

So to sum up - this TV isn't as impressive as i originally posted up.


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