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Just bought an HS20 at the weekend and what a nice piece of kit it is as well. In general it performs as well as I had hoped, but I do have two questions I would like to ask other HS20 owners:-

I have noticed that the top and bottom few lines of the projected image look somewhat odd. Sometimes they appear rather discoloured, at other times it appears that there is a dark row of pixels, one row in from the top or bottom of the active image. The effect is only noticable when those lines have a high luminance value. It almost looks like some type of pixel mis-alignment problem. However the lines I refer to are the top and bottom lines of the active image, so the actual pixel lines vary with aspect ratio. I have also noticed that this effect seems to be reduced when DDE is off, so it may be a problem or limitation of the scan convertors.

Also, at the left edge of the image the left most vertical column of pixels is always green. Is this normal?

Do any of your projectors exhibit phenomena like this?

The left edge sounds like the common alignment issue, although it's normally on the right edge, unless you've got it upside down I guess. :) Shouldn't be more then 1 or 2 pixels otherwise you should get it repaired/replaced.

Not sure about the top and bottom effects, not something I remember reading. I only just got round to mounting a proper screen at the weekend so I should be able to spot these things better but I can't get the PJ close enough to get the edges off the black border as I can't push the sofa closer without having to combat roll over it to reach the living room. ;)
Yes, as said, the line of green pixels to one side sound like a convergence issue, quite common on the HS20 by all accounts.

If it's not visible from your seating distance I'd suggest you accept it. All HS20s seem to have this to some degree.

Haven't come across the other issue you mention though, maybe a picture (if possible) would help?

Hi chaps, neither issue is too much of a problem and I can live with both. The green column is on the left with the projector mounted normal way up. There is a slight colouration to the rightmost column of pipxels, but its very minor.
The effect visible bottom and topmost 3 (or so) rows of pixels is the more noticable. I have noticed something very similar on a Panasonic AE500 at the time of demo, so I wonder if its a image processing issue at the bottom and topmost lines. Once I install a proper screen with black boarders, I this these anomolies will not be noticed - but I am curious none the less.


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