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My New House and AV System


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I am having the ground floor of my house re-modeled at the moment and I am trying to come up with the best way to implement the whole AV setup.

The study will be the first point of entry for the internet i.e. the telephone lines comes through there.

The TV in the front room will have a REVO media centre hanging off the back streaming media from the NAS. Ripped movies, TV programmes and receiving the internet for BBC I Player, U Tube, etc etc. I had considered doing this wirelessly but with the unreliability of wireless, lagging and limits on bandwidth I am cabling it as the ceiling will be coming down at some point. I can go up, along and down behind the TV with Cat5. Also Sky Plus will be attached to this TV.

The TV in the study will have the benefit of being connected to a desktop computer for similar uses if need be. Also Sky Plus will be attached to this TV.

The TV in the kitchen is questionable as to what it receives. It will have coaxial for analogue and digital TV. I want to send the signal from both Sky boxes to the loft into a splitter, broadcasting on different channels so every TV feeing from that signal will receive two sky channels as well as analogue and digital TV, which will include the kitchen. It is being considered to have another REVO for the kitchen TV which will replace the following paragraph.

In the conservatory, I want a player of some sort, like an old laptop, to be there to play music fed from the NAS in the study. This can be wireless but a cable connection is not outside the realms of possibility. Should I use a small music centre of will a laptop be better. The music will be played out of two speakers for the garden and speakers in the ceiling of the kitchen.

How good are wireless audio and video senders. For example, to send AV up to the splitter from the SKY boxes. At the receiver end what are the plugs? i.e. are they coaxial plugs or scart? Scart wont plug into a splitter.

Any suggestions for changes or advice would be greatly received. I think I have it mostly sussed but ideas on streamlining the setup, making it quicker and easier to set up will be great.



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