My new home cinema!!


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I posted my first AVForums home cinema back in January 09. Over the last 6 months we've had some pretty serious renovations and with the house extension we have a nice new living room!

The old room shown in my old thread has changed function and now looks like this...


As a result I now have a better sized home cinema room which is 6m long by 5m wide. The kit list hasn't changed but I would like to upgrade the amp sometime. Got a few other bits to sort out around the house until there will be any money in the budget for that though! :(

Amp : Onkyo SR-606
Speakers : Dali Ikon 5.1 cinema package
Fronts : Dali Ikon 6
Centre : Dali Ikon Vokal 2
Surround : Dali On-wall
Sub : Dali Ikon Sub
Projector : JVC HD1
Sources : PS3, Wii, DVD

This is what we've done with the new living room...

This is it from the outside...

And the same view of the 4m long bifold doors from the inside...



Storage from Custom Built Fitted Wardrobes with Sliding Doors | Designer Walk in Wardrobes for Bedroom, Living Room, Dormer Rooms, Home, Office and Halls | Modern Sloping Ceiling Wardrobes, Closet & Storage Furniture In UK & Ireland - custom designed


(There's a finishing touch of some trunking to hide all the cables still to finish off!)

There are a few other new rooms too but the other one we're really pleased with after the changes is the kitchen! :)



SOOOOOOOOOOOOO pleased with how it's turned out! It's been a bumpy 6 months in places but it's all been worth it! :clap::D:thumbsup::D:clap:


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Wow that's quite some change from your last living room set up! Love the storage solution and the kitchen is absolutely amazing! Fantastic stuff :smashin:


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I apologise as way, way off topic (and indeed off forum for that matter), but could I please ask where you got your kitchen from? Looks superb.


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I apologise as way, way off topic (and indeed off forum for that matter), but could I please ask where you got your kitchen from? Looks superb.

Hiya, no apologies needed. Very flattered! :)

Cabinets, Granite, sink, taps etc were from KBBC Kitchens - Stunning, Affordable Fitted Kitchens
Floor tiles from Topps Tiles Plc | Britain's biggest tile and wood flooring specialist
Glass Splashbacks from
Range and hood from B&Q (Stoves Sterling 1100E and DCP1100)
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Thank you very much indeed. Always check out this place for ideas for my home set up, never thought I'd be checking it out for ideas for my kitchen. Thanks again.


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Sorry for being off topic and off forum (signed up just to ask...) I love the kitchen! :) You mentioned kbbc. How did you find the experience working with them and the million dollar question, how much it was if you don't mind me asking.. Many thanks and congrats again! Everything looks amazing!

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