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Oct 4, 2010
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Since I found so much info on here when doing my research, I thought I'd post up a pic of my new setup! Pales in comparison to a lot of the stuff on show here but I'm really chuffed with it, and it's quite a step up from my old 32" with 2.1 pc speakers!

Kit is:

Samsung PS50C7780
Onkyo TX SR-608
B&W DM603 s2
B&W VM1 rear surround, plus one to go for centre.
Xbox Slim 250gb
Apple TV
Netgear Stora
Sennheiser wireless Headphones

Still need to add a BR player (perhaps the Sony BDP-s570), and a centre speaker perhaps, although the Onkyo seems to do a good job of creating a "phantom" centre by splitting the centre feed out to the L&R.

On that note, if I do decide I need to fit a centre speaker I need to do something with the TV I guess but can't wall mount - any suggestions to create space?

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I wouldn't want to raise the TV up any higher than that really - it looks to be just about perfectly placed. So you either need a centre small enough to go in your unit, or one slim enough to sit on top of the unit in front of the TV. Whats in the space above your amp? If you could find a low profile enough speaker, you could put it there...
It looks a nice & tidy setup! well done.
very, very slick setup you got liking the look of your room.:smashin:
liking this alot my friend.
Cheers guys, appreciate the kind words!

I love the sofa, it's huge, soft, comfortable, well designed and came from Ikea... who woulda thunk it!

As for the suggestions re the centre: I know it wouldn't really effect the sound, but the centre speaker being.. well... off centre... just wouldn't work with me! I guess dumbo here should have bought a TV stand from the outset which could have accommodated it but I didn't think i'd be going surround sound so soon. :oops:

Matt C - space above the amp is reserved for the blue ray player!
Only reason I asked about the space is if you get a centre speaker, that's probably gonna have to be where it goes. So a BR player would have to go somewhere else. Unless you put the centre where the xbox is, the BR player where you originally were going to, and the xbox will have to live somewhere else...
I know - sorry if I came across rude!

I can't think of any centre small enough to fit in there... it might be possible to fit one where the xbox is though. I shall have to have a think!
Don't worry, I didn't think you came across as rude ;) There probably aren't many you could fit in the top right space to be fair, so realistically the xbox space is the only space it could go....
Nice man
Nice setup. :)
Cheers again chaps...

Yes I suppose the speaker could be mounted above the tv - would this not mess with the sound stage though?
If only my flat looked like yours! Out of interest, where did the table come from?
No problem matey, Click Here

I think it's that one, although there's a slightly shorter one in the same design there too and I can't remember off hand which I bought. :facepalm:

Cheers for the compliment!

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