My New Build


I have decided to build a gaming pc, this is my first build as i have always bought complete systems and just upgraded components as and when.
From my current pc i will be using the following

Viewsonic VX2025wm 20.1inch widescreen monitor
Saitek Gamers Keyboard
Logitech MX518 Gamers mouse
Pioneer dvd/dvdr drive

I will also be using a Leadtek Nvidia 7800GT for now and upgrading once Vista and DX10 is released.

So far i have ordered a few components





I have decided to go for a Intel Core 2 E6600, but i am unsure of memory and power supply can anyone suggest what might be a good match.
I know i will need about a 600watt power supply and some DDR2 memeory(2gig) i intend to overclock the pc to get the best performance, is there anything else i will need to complete my system ??

I mostly play fps games with BF2142 being my current favourite before that it was cod2
Thanks in advance



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Hi m8

I have the EVGA version of that mobo ( I think they are all the same anyway you just get a better warrenty with the evga) and it's a nice board.

I run my E6600 @ 3.6ghz stable and that is without really tweaking it.

I don't think you really need the souncard tbh the onboard sound is quite good.

Invest in a good CPU cooler

I went for a 700w fsp epsilon psu and it works fine with 5 hdds a 8800gtx and a load of fans + a watercooling kit.

I have the same hdd and they are decent and quiet.

Try to get some branded ddr2 I have used the unbranded (667mhz) stuff from scan in the past and it topped out at about 740mhz but I use some geil HZ and that just keeps going up and up but I am just running it at stock at the moment


thanks for your reply mate

I wen't for that motherboard as it was £30 cheaper than the EVGA one and it's exactly the same, it's even made in the same factory :thumbsup:
Regarding the ram i have about £250 set aside for it (2gig), i need to look into it further before i decide, this rig is going to have to last me a couple of years atleast once a new GC is installed

I will look into getting a CPU cooler, any recommendations ??

again thanks for your input



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Not really sure on cpu coolers Mine is watercooled but if you look on in the forums alot of guys are posting dif. results for coolers there


ok mate thanks for your input


Thanks Alan

A nice price to :smashin:


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The arctic cooler pro is a great cpu cooler.

Overclockers Geil memory is well recommended for C2D builds. Would recommend you get some good quality branded memory running at 800mhz.


Got some more parts for my new buld pc today



power supply

cpu cooler

also an OEM version of windows XP home edition

so so far i have

Antec 900 gaming case
Intel Core 2 E6600 Duo Processor
Nvidia NForce 680i ECS motherboard
Arctic Cooling Freezer Pro 7 cpu cooler
2 gig Corsair Dominator DDR2 PC2 6400 800 mhz memory
Sound Blaster X-Fi Extreme Music sound card
Enermax Noise Taker 600watt power supply
300 gig sata II spinpoint 7200rpm hard drive
Sony dvd/dvdr drive

all i need now is an Nvidia 8800GTX graphics card and my ultimate gaming pc will be complete, going to order it tomorrow
i will be building it over the next couple of days

can't wait to get it up and running

any tips before i start building it, i do also have a static wrist strap thingy


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One tip I wish I had known before, is to be careful of cutting your fingers lol.

since you have a nice branded case this probably won't apply, but none the less, watch your fingers. I had quite a few cuts on my hands after I had helped my friend build his PC (it was a cheapy case though, so it had a few edges).


take your time.

fit the cpu,ram and cooler on the motherboard before putting in the case.

personally the anti-static wrist band is an annoyance for me - just keep touching a radiator or something like that to remove any static. built loads of pc's and personally never had any static problems etc.

don't rush to get it up and running but make sure you have a large enough area to build the bits on.

ohh - and enjoy your new beast of a pc!!!:smashin:


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Thermaltake Big Typhone is very good.... but it is big so make sure you case is wide enough... I have had my E6600 running at 3.4ghz without any problems at all and still little fan noise form the cooler but decided to reduce it down to 3.2ghz "just in case"


It's up and running now, the builld went very well it has taken me longer to install all the software/drivers etc than it did to build it.
This is my first build and i am suprised at how easy it was, very straight forward i also ordered one of theses this morning

will have it tomorrow then my rig should rearlly fly :thumbsup:

one annoyance i have is with the SoundBlaster X-Fi soundcard i bought,
i can't seem to connect the front sound jacks on my Antec 900 case to it so i can use my Gaming headset and mic.

On the X-Fi soundcard it has a connection for my mic and a connection for headphones or 2 channel stereo speakers (both use same jack)
As i can't get to the back of my pc easily it's very annoying that i have to have either Headphones or speakers connected, i can't have both at the same time.

or am i missing something ??


iirc you connect your front sound panel to the motherboard, not directly to the sound card.


If that is your motherboard, then the connections for the front panel will most likely be down at the bottom, where the black and yellow bit is. Check the motherboard manual!


Thanks for your replys

this is my mobo

As you say the connection for the front two jacks from the Antec 900 case ie - headphone and mic connect to the motherboard, which i have done.
I have followed the manual to the letter, however i get no sound to my headphones when i connect them to the front jacks on the case.
Obviously i do when connected directly to my sound card but thats at the back and i can't get to it once my case is in my cabinet.
As i have said on the soundcard the same jack input is used for headphones or 2 channel speakers which is a bit daft imo.
So it's either or, not both directly into the soundcard in seperate jacks which would be better surley ??
If i use the mobos onboard sound which i have been told is superb anyway the front jacks work fine,
i bought the X-Fi soundcard to get the ultimate gaming enviroment when online gaming through headphones tho.

I am hoping i have to enable something or change a setting somewhere to allow the headphones to work and get the benefit of the soundcard through the front jacks ??

I have looked but i can't find anything can anyone please put me out of my misery,
i have thought about this and i would think their is an option as how would i go on with a USB headset surley the same thing.
If i was using the motherboards onboard decoder i wouldn't have a problem, however i'm not i'm using a Souind Blaster X-Fi extreme music soundcard

Help please


u might have to disable the onboard sound, from inside the BIOS. otherwise without being there and poking things around i can't see why it doesn't work. maybe try posting in a dedicated pc forum, they will probably be able to offer more help. if i think of anything else i'll post!


ok mate

thank you for your input,

i have been playing around a bit, i deleted all the X-Fi drivers and took out the card, re instaled the realtek audio driver for my motherboard
everything worked fine this way with the front jacks etc, as soon as i installed the X-fi card into a pci slot powered back up the front headphone jacks stop working ??

any ideas why this is, have i a conflict somewhere my pc says no ??


does your onboard sound card still work whilst the X-fi card is also working?


the simple answer is no, it did until i re instaled the X-fi drivers
now only the X-fi works but the front jacks don't


my pc is now complete i installed a BFG 8800GTX to power my gaming pc,

thanks to those that offered advice :smashin:

could you also read my thread about overclocking and see if you can offer advice


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If I could offer some advice re front ports - buy yourself some of these, connect them to the jacks on the rear soundcard, then run some of these around to the front of the case / up onto your desk to plug your headphones into. (1 for mic one for stereo)

That's what I use on my audigy anyway.

I recently upgraded to a pair of these which have a passthrough box which can be sited on your desk, on top of your PC etc.

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