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My new build (Part 1 - The Plan) Help!!


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Hi all,

I have recently purchased (2 months ago) a Pioneer VSX 922 amp and speakers - this is my first set, and I absolutely love it! Its amazing, and got me hooked on AV. As I purchased this I also found myself on this site, and browsing through, and looking at other peoples home cinema's, this has also got me even more hooked on the full home cinema experience!

Me and the wife (with baby) are currently looking to move house, and just 2 days ago I got the nod of acceptance from SWMBO that I could build my own proper home cinema in the new house when we move; providing we have a garage, converted garage to a "family room", or a 4th bedroom....

Right, so this has got me thinking.....how can I plan my room, and what do I need? I feel like I have the audio (the Pioneer) already, and just need the visual and decorative parts (like carpet etc) for the new home cinema.

So then last night I was thinking about everything and I had a few questions for the ones that have done it before. Here they are:-

1. Projector Screen - Should I go for "fixed" screen on the wall for more of a cinema experience or should I go for an electric pull down one? What are the differences? What are the better ones that will give that cinema feel?

2. Projector - We love to watch films, and especially in 3d. What are the better manufacturers of projectors for under £800 budget that will give us great 3d, and quality HD projection?

2a. Projector - What we will be watching in the home cinema room will be bluray and 3d films from a PS3 and Sky Movies HD and sport sometimes. That is all. So that got me thinking.....Do I need to purchase a projector that has got 2 HDMI inputs on it? But then I thought about the set up now.....My Pioneer VSX 922 has everything connected into it via HDMI, and then there is only one HDMI cable that goes from the amp to the TV. So my question is more of confirmation....am I right in thinking that all I do is the same now but my projector will act as the "TV". So, in my new home cinema set up I will have my PS3 and Sky box connected straight to the back of the amp and then there will be one HDMI cable that goes to the projector in order for it to project the image of whatever device is on to the screen?

2b. Projector - I also mention alot above about HDMI cables? Silly question, but will the set up I mention above be ok for 3d viewing? Do 3d images also get passed through HDMI too? Is there any thing else i need to take into consideration? I ask this becuase I have viewed alot of home cinema constructions and quite a few people dont mention about HDMI at all and some say you need special cables like component cables and composite cables? I just want to knwo if my HDMI cables will be fine or if i need to invest in better HDMI cables to provide better imagery? If there is anything else that is recommended etc?

2c. Projector - I want the projector situated at the back of the room and the projector screen at the other end. Do most projectors automatically focus or will I need to adjust it? The last thing I want is to spend a lot of money on all of this and the projector projects the image too big or too small across the projector screen.

I think thats all for now, but if i think of anything else I will post up.

The majority of the other things I can thing of is things like lighting etc but in no rush to think about that yet.



Hi mate. Yes your right 3D will be through hdmi 1.4 cable I think is the standard may have changed now. With your different inputs I believe your amp will do the switching you just need a device to connect them via the amp such as a hub.

Myself personally u think fixed screen are the business if you check out mr x thread you will see what I mean.

When considering paint etc think about reflections and where the light source comes from and elimate if you can. If your allowed a bat cave then go for it. Can be a bit bland though but if your only intention is for movies then all good and well.

I have to share mine with my 3yr old to house her toys. But still a compromise is nothing :)

Good luck I'm sure someone more knowledgable than me will be along soon.

Song forget to post some pics of the progress


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Ah that's great mate thanks. Yeah I've been looking at fixed ones and they do look amazing. I just thought that in the new house if the door is on the same wall as my projector screen will be then a fixed one will not fit and will prob have to get an electric pull down one. If I do go pull down though are they quite sturdy? Like if I get a slight breeze under a door or something I don't want it blowing everywhere.

I also thought last night about sky. I would want to watch sky in the lounge but also upstairs in cinema room. So not sure if I need two sky boxes or one massive hdmi cable from lounge to upstairs room.....how do others do it?

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