My neighbours now hate me!!



If any of you are interested in reading a review of 2 sets of Mission FS2AV systems, then read on, if not, then sod ya! :D

I've now installed a second set of Mission FS2AV speakers to my already existing FS2AV system, driving them through a Denon AVR-3802 amp turning it into a 7.1 setup.
After finding a splitter for the subs from the local Hi-Fi shop it was out with the drill and the sticky tape stuff to hold the cables to the walls! I put 2 FS2s up high near the ceiling directly opposite the centre speaker at the back of the room, placed the second sub in the corner again at the back of the room and re-wired the rear surround speakers, moving their connections from the front sub to the new rear one. Firstly I added 2 extra 'surround B' speakers up, but found (As quoted by Jase) that it was all a bit much in terms of rear sound (and it all visually looked too busy, the wife factor was in the back of my mind!!), so took them down then doubled up the front left and right and centre channel. I then sat down put in the first DVD I could find which was Monsters Inc (Not mine, my 4 year olds, honestly Ah hem!! :blush: ) I turned the sound down as I wanted to put it straight into DTS mode to hear the results, then ....WOW! What a difference! I had to turn the new subs volume down as well as the old front subs as the bass was overwhelming! The first thing noticed was that the front sub although ample used to 'boom' a bit when turned up, it's now replaced by an awesome house filling bass sound which'll makes the upstairs toilet rattle!! I really cannot explain the difference it makes. The two new back surrounds add so much more to the sound stage, not just precise sounds, but an all-round scope which fills in the gaps behind you, you now get a rolling, gradual left to right sound behind you instead of the 'it was here, now it's over there'.
I urge anyone with an existing FS2AV set up to go out and get another set, infact anyone thinking of spending £700 - £800 on a sat/sub setup to go out and buy 2 FS2AVs instead, you can get them on the net for as little as £360 now. Anyone with an FS2 system thinking of upgrading their sub could also consider this option.
I've always thought of the Missions as good for the average HomeCinema user, certainly not top end, but now with the doubling up it really is snapping at the heals of much more expensive setups.
I know that people like to blow their own trumpets when it comes to the equipment that they've got, but I've heard £2k systems which this more than matches. The only problem I do have though is that the new sub now sits at the back of the room and the umbilical cable supplied is not quite long enough to be able to hide the wires nicely, so I've been in touch with Mission and I've ordered a 12 foot cable to replace it.


I would try to place the two subs close to the front speakers, symetrical, or you will have problems setting them...

Thats how I have mine, check my page if you want to see how...


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"I then sat down put in the first DVD I could find which was Monsters Inc (Not mine, my 4 year olds, honestly Ah hem!! )"

Nought to be embarrassed about.

The likes of Toy Story, Shrek, Monster Inc etc are perfectly acceptable to be included in anyone's DVD collection, regardless of age.

They do delibratley put a lot of adult humour in the stories so as to appeal to a wider audience.

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