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Hi all.

Been around a while and just tweaked the system so I thought I would list it for interest....

Photo: couch view. The doors to the avr and sw close and have a vertical slatted front so can still use the remote and sound from the sw is not too badly affected.

TV: Finally got the aesthetics right with the addition of a 65 inch Sony x90h. With the new tv I went to the effort of wall mounting it... about 1mm out overall so happy with that As it is not noticable.

Receiver: The Pioneer vsx975 (7.1) recently had an issue of switching off after a few seconds or minutes. Didn’t want to upgrade even though my centre and rear speakers are unfortunately in the ceiling. Anyway apparently a known power board issue and all fixed For a cost of $135 By a pro.

Fronts: Supporting the receiver is my old Bose 301’s set on their end with the reflecting cones pushing up the wall As front. A Bose 501 centre speaker is adequate.

Surrounds: Ceiling speakers are a Brisbane based made (brand name forgotten) which are 120W. They were nice and heavy with a 4 inch cone. The four in the ceiling would ultimately become atmos but there are no side walls (glass doors to one side - entry foyer to the other) so if the pioneer had died totally I was going to upgrade to a 9 channel and put two wireless to the rear and run a 5.1.4. Still might if we are here in a few years.

Subwoofer: Is my old Polk DSW Pro 440wi which is an 8 inch cone 600w power unit which has served me well. It is set on the side because the cabinet is not big enough. Put some foam type under to stop vibrations.

Connections: Running a Telstra tv kit and use the receivers tuner. we have an Apple Music subscription so run that but have to use it via adaptor leads to the front of the receiver.... no Bluetooth on this age of av.

The 301‘s were my original setup from near uni days....geez that makes them about 30 + years old. When I got the Pioneer I added The sub and 501’s...... about 15 years ago along with the the ceiling speakers..... yeah we have lived here a while.

Anyway all set up and sounds balanced. The Pioneer MCACC does an adequate baseline job but had to lift the ceiling sound db a little as no wall reflection and upped the sw db as in the cupboard - yeah not ideal but fills that lower end well.

Running the side and rears through the ceiling does not give accurate sound relay but it fills the space well and the family enjoys movie nights.... wife enjoys discreet setup.... It still produces the sound from the rear and side but seems like things go over you rather than around you!

we recently bought a retirement unit and I have already planned for a 5.2.4 system (no side walls to living area) but will be a few years before we get in there so in the meantime I enjoy the current setup.


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